A Philanthropic Home Run

By: Isabella Bordonaro

Managing and Online Editor

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa- Penn State New Kensington’s new official Varsity Baseball Team spent their winter break giving back to those in need in their local community.

Penn State New Kensington has had a club baseball team for many years, but finally during the 2016-17 academic year, they have become a Varsity sport. This means that the team will no longer be playing the game just for the fun of it, but now will have the chance to win the PSUAC title.

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Ridener’s Tale

By: Nathan Traini

Copy Editor and Staff Writer

NEW KENSINGTON Pa.- Fred Ridener is an Associate Professor of science at Penn State New Kensington who teaches under the radar as a minor scientific historical figure concerned with educational funding.

Ridener is well respected by his students in Physics 211. “I have been enjoying Ridener’s class, mainly because the way he teaches the class is engaging and not to hard to understand” said John Rottschaefer, a student in 211. “He is an overall nice guy and definitely knows his physics.”

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Safety Officer Secures and Guards PSNK

By: Millie Brasser

Contributing Writer 

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Penn State New Kensington, one of the many branch campuses of Penn State University, is not only a small campus for students to learn and become well acquainted with one another, but, according to many, it is also a safe campus.

Penn State New Kensington’s Chief of Police and Public Safety Manager at the New Kensington and Fayette Campuses, Wesley Sheets, works hard to ensure the campus has an excellent safety record. Throughout his time as Public Safety Manager, Sheets has become rather knowledgeable on the initiatives that make up campus safety.

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Wrestling With Fate

By Nico Regoli

Staff Writer and Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been the editor-in-chief of The Nittany Pride since the fall semester of 2016 began, and in that short time, I’ve learned a few things about myself and about life.  One of those things I’ve learned is that Murphy’s Law is always looking over your shoulder, just waiting to intervene and ruin your plans.

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Greensburg, PA Central In Fight Against Human Trafficking

By: Scott Sinclair

Staff Writer  & Reporter

GREENSBURG, PA The University of Pittsburgh in Greensburg and The Blackburn Center in Greensburg  are partners in combating human rights abuses  in Southwestern, PA.

Typically, Pitt and Penn State are rivals. The most obvious example of this are the athletic rivalries, but also the competition to lure incoming freshmen to either respective school looms large. But when an issue has larger societal ramifications the rivalries give way to cooperation. It is in that spirit that the following story is being reported.

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THON: Where Cancer Gets Served

By Sam Elliott

Staff Writer & Reporter

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – On February 17-19, 2017, the Bryce Jordan Center held host to the yearly anticipated event of THON; an event dedicated to the  eradicating of childhood cancer and dancing for a cure.

Cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute, is “a term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues.” It can affect everyone.  Roughly 15,780 children in the U.S. are affected each year, between their birth and age 19.  As a result, about 1,960 of those diagnosed children will die.  It is sad, but that is the reality.  That is why people donate to THON – the largest student run philanthropy, dedicated to the fight against cancer.  

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Penn State New Kensington Remembers Dr. Michael McGinnis

by Monica Fiore (Copy Editor)


Business Professor, Dr. Mike McGinnis (Courtesy of Penn State New Kensington’s Website)

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – January 21 was a heartbreaking day for the Penn State community, his local community members, and family members who gathered in Penn State’s Forum Theatre to commemorate the life of not only a fellow colleague and faculty member, but a family member and a friend.

Penn State New Kensington’s beloved Business professor, Dr. Mike McGinnis, passed away suddenly on December 26 in Florida.

Mourning staff and faculty members remembered who Dr. McGinnis was and how he impacted their lives.

“Dr. McGinnis was one of the first people I met as a new faculty member here at Penn State New Kensington,” said Dr. Megan Bardolph, Assistant Professor of English. “He always offered me a lot of advice when it comes to things like teaching and doing my research and being a new faculty member at an unfamiliar institution, which I really appreciated him for.”

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