Remembering Officer Brian Shaw

By: Monica Fiore

Copy Editor


NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Since Brian Shaw was young, he knew he wanted to be a police officer.

“Ever since he was 17 or 18, that was all he talked about,” said friend Allie Wilhelm, in an interview with TribLive. “He was like, ‘It’s my calling.’”

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How to Deal With Conflicts & Professors

By: Isabella Bordonaro

Editor In Chief


One of the most difficult things a college student may have to deal with during their college career can be handling conflicts with professors. This can be a daunting task, because students pretty much have no power when it comes to how their work is graded/assigned, and the professors hold all the power.

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“We Have Nothing to Hide”: PSNK and the LGBTQ+ Community

By: Monica Fiore

Copy Editor


“Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else.” -Unknown

More than once, someone has approached me and asked me why I go by Ryan on social media, with the exception of Facebook. I’ve always told people I wanted to “protect my identity” and that that was just a name I picked to go by on social media. I lied—big time— because I wasn’t strong enough then to tell people the truth. Yet, somehow, I feel I finally have enough strength to tell a lot more people about this, or I am just tired of lying to myself and everyone else.

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Silent Night? Not Here, This Weekend

Scott Sinclair

Staff Writer

Like many college students, I earn my money by being employed in the wonderful field of retail. And every year, towards the end of the fall semester, comes the annual ritual known as The Holiday Shopping Season. For college students there is no greater joy than balancing the end of a long semester, with all of its deadlines and preparations for final exams, against an over-caffeinated manager who swears hitting this year’s sales goals is the most important event in human recorded history. Continue reading

Blacklisted YouTube Channels and Logic

By: Nathan Traini

Managing and Online Editor

In the world of youtube news, there are many sources to choose from. Left leaning or right leaning, YouTube has a channel discussing the news for you. What is special about YouTube as a media conveying platform is that creators have nothing to do with advertisers. YouTube can’t tell you what your content is allowed to contain unless it is illegal or inappropriate and offensive. YouTube was a content creator’s paradise for a long time, but that world is coming to an end.

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Disney Becoming Too Greedy?


An Entertainment Weekly promotional photo for the critically-panned Marvel’s Inhumans.

2017 has been an up and down year for the Disney company.  On the upside, all three of its Marvel Studios releases (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok), the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales have all been critical (except for Pirates) and economic successes, with Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Pixar’s Coco also expected to succeed.

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The Over-Sexualization of Women’s Halloween Costumes is Anti-Feminist

By: Kierstin Flickinger and Broderick Gerano
Staff Writers

A few weeks before Halloween, we walked into our local Spirit Halloween store in preparation for our favorite holiday. The costume idea that we had in mind was simple: a standard doctor and nurse combo. Searching for a doctor’s outfit was easy, but finding a nurse’s costume was disheartening. Kierstin left the store basically in tears, and we went on a new search for Halloween costumes. She ended up making her costume by herself for the fourth year in a row. The longest garment that we found was barely mid-thigh. Continue reading