The Traditional-ish Side of Saint Patrick’s Day

By: Kierstin Flickinger

Staff Writer & Reporter

I remember my first Spring Semester in college. Saint Patrick’s Day fell on a school day and I had roughly fifteen people go out of their way to say “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” to me. I found this weird as someone who was extremely introverted and who did not know any of the people who had said it to me. At a club meeting, I asked if anyone else had been told the same thing an awfully large amount of times. The only person who said that they had was another red-headed, pale girl. At that point, I’d been dying my hair ginger for so long that I hadn’t realized that no one in college knew that my hair was not naturally ginger colored. This other girl and myself both realized that the reason we had been getting this is because we looked Irish. While this isn’t true for her, it certainly is for me, and it’s definitely not the only time I’ve been asked about being of Irish descent.

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A Different Take

“Faculty Matters” allows engineering students to see their faculty in a different light.

By: Scott Sinclair

Staff Writer and Reporter

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa.- Penn State New Kensington’s engineering students went to another lecture recently, but this one didn’t require textbooks or homework.

This was the “Faculty Matters” event held by the Success Center and Ruth Herstek. It was intended to be a panel discussion to allow student to hear about what their professors had done prior to teaching, and what the students could expect as they graduated and began to enter the job market.

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Life Changing

Thon makes huge impact on attendee.

By: Scott Sinclair

Staff Writer & Reporter

I’d like to think I’ve seen a lot in my adult life. I’ve been in combat, I’ve stood on many stages giving crowds of people the gift of my music, I’ve held championship sports banners, I’ve enrolled in college at an age when most aren’t.

These events were big and important in the grand scheme of things, but one more event has to be added:


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Branch Campus V. Main Campus

By: Isabella Bordonaro

Editor In Chief

As a Senior at Penn State New Kensington, I have often wondered if I missed out on the “college experience” by only attending a branch campus.

I always see friends who attend Penn State Main, and other big colleges, and feel like I am missing out on some of the opportunities a large campus offers like a larger student population, more class choices, and more extracurricular activities.

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“America’s Pastor” Billy Graham Dies at 99

By Ryan Fiore (Copy Editor)

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – “Billy Graham died this past week. I never got to meet Billy Graham, but he was personally a man I came to respect greatly,” were the opening words of a sermon by Pastor Ken Foust of Grace Community Presbyterian Church in Lower Burrell on Sunday, February 25. Foust is one of the many millions who was inspired by the evangelist Billy Graham, who died February 21 at the age of 99.


The famous Reverend Billy Graham (Photo courtesy of Google Images).

Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, shared the news of his father’s death on February 21. “My father Billy Graham was once asked, ‘Where is Heaven?’ He replied, ‘Heaven is where Jesus is and I am going to Him soon!’ This morning, at the age of 99, he departed this world into eternal life in Heaven, prepared by the Lord Jesus Christ – the Savior of the World – whom he claimed for nearly 80 years.”

William Franklin Graham Jr. was born November 7, 1918 in Charlotte, North Carolina, to William and Morrow Franklin. He grew up with two younger sisters and a younger brother. Nearly a week before his 16th birthday, Graham attended a revival meeting led by Dr. Mordecai Ham; a revival meeting that would change his life forever.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Acquire Derick Brassard From Ottawa

By Ryan Fiore (Copy Editor)

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Is there a chance at the cup three years in a row? With the way


Former Ottawa center Derick Brassard and Penguins center Sidney Crosby (Courtesy of Google Images).

the Penguins have been playing, along with the latest trade deal made by General Manager Jim Rutherford, Penguins fans certainly have a reason to think so.

“Why the hell not?”, Penn State New Kensington student Marissa Wiles responded to the question. “We’ve been doing relatively well this season with all of the changes that Sullivan and the managers of the Penguins have put into motion.”

Friday, February 23 was a bittersweet date for Penguins fans as the Ottawa Senators received defenseman Ian Cole, Penguins goalie Filip Gustavsson, and a first round pick in return for center Derick Brassard, as well as a 2018 third round draft pick and forward Vincent Dunn. Ian Cole previously played with the St. Louis Blues. Cole had nine goals and 50 assists over the course of four seasons with the Penguins.

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How to Not Want to Give Up Your New Year’s Resolution

By:Kierstin Flickinger

Staff Writer & Reporter

As the first month of the year comes to a close, many people are probably thinking about giving up their New Year’s resolutions. After all, we tend to come up with seemingly impossible things that we want to get done in the newest year. We want to go to the gym, we want to eat healthier, we want to be our best versions. Too bad we’ve all been saying these things to ourselves for literal years.

But, not all is lost when it comes to these wishes. Because there are ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions and actually be proud of what you can accomplish in a year. Here’s my tips for how to keep them.

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