About Us

The Nittany Pride student newspaper of Penn State New Kensington intends to effectively represent the public; facilitate communication among and between students, faculty, staff, administration, and other members of the public; provide relevant information to the public; and to truthfully monitor power and authority on the Penn State New Kensington campus. It is the purpose of The Nittany Pride to foster public life on the New Kensington campus by producing an interesting and informative newspaper; acting as a forum for members and non-members alike to freely share ideas and opinions; and encouraging discussion and focused debate among students, faculty and staff.

The Nittany Pride Editorial Staff (Spring 2018)

Editor-in-Chief: Isabella Bordonaro

Managing and Online Editor: Nathan Traini

Staff Writer & Reporter: Ryan Fiore

Staff Writer & Reporter: Kierstin Flickinger

Staff Writer & Reporter: Nathan Traini

Staff Writer & Reporter: Ashton Caldwell

Staff Writer & Reporter: Rachel Queck

Staff Writer & Reporter: Scott Sinclair

Staff Writer & Reporter: Nico Regoli


Contributing Writer: Brandon Burchette

The Nittany Pride is the student newspaper at Penn State New Kensington. All students are encouraged to submit articles, photography, artwork, and videos; topics can range from traditional news reports to opinion pieces. Anything that’s interesting to you will be interesting to us.