9/11 Mixes & Tributes

In the wake of September 11th, many people turned to music as a way to express themselves, to grieve, and to pay tribute to the heroes who were lost and those who survived.  Radio airwaves were flooded with special mixes that combined some of the incredible phone calls, speeches, interviews and news coverage from that day with songs that expressed things everyone was feeling.  The result is both breathtaking and inspiring.  10 years later, we’ve compiled 18 of these remixed songs to help us all remember and reflect upon the day “when the world stopped turning.”



PSNK COMM283W Projects Spring 2012 – “Murderous Affair”

PSNK COMM283W Video Projects – “Dark Side of a Dream”

PSNK COMM283W Video Projects – “Focus”

PSNK’s COMM 283W Intro to Audio and Video class produces videos of all kinds. The students can let their creativity run wild in their final production for the semester, as shown here.

The first video was produced by Kristen Wagner, during the spring semester of 2010. The video depicts what looks to be a dream from a student enrolled in class that is trying to work on their project. The student falls asleep and wakes up several times; the dream is ongoing. The real kicker comes at the end, when we realize that this wasn’t the student’s dream at all, but it was really the “man in black’s” dream all along. Ironically, the two people involved in the dream walked into the store and woke him up at his desk. This is an example that shows the creative freedom and exciting projects that the class has to offer.

The second video, produced by Andrew Tsou, is something of a deconstruction of film techniques; the irony of using the medium of film to accomplish this is acknowledged and appreciated.


Nittany Pride 2009-2010 Editor-in-Chief Video

This video was produced as a means of promoting The Nittany Pride by featuring then-editor-in-chief Erika Watson discussing the publication and inviting viewers to submit content of their own.


Penn State New Ken Hockey Club

Samantha Carricato, a junior, interviews Chris Gizzi, also a junior who has took over for the PSU – New Ken Hockey Club. PSU New-Ken does not consider the team a team but as a club. Gizzi talks about how the club is still part of the school sports but not technically a real sports team. Gizzi, in the video, talks about how he got the team together and what people should expect from the team. The video explains where the team meets, how many times a week they meet for practice and how often they play a game.


PSNK Homecoming 2009

Penn State New Kensington had their Homecoming this year, and Michael Palumbo was there to catch all of the action on video! Enjoy watching the First Annual Bed Races and a few concerts by some big name bands!