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Equifax Data Breach; Serious, Unknown Problems

By: Broderick Gerano

Staff Writer

On July 29th  of this year, data experts at Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the U.S., noticed something peculiar. Traffic from their online website was deemed suspicious, and shut down the questionable webpage immediately. A quick investigation showed a vulnerable portion of the site’s code left a hole for potential hackers to enter, leaving open information for more than one-hundred million Americans.

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PSNK Student Helps Harvey Victims


By: Kierstin Flickinger

Staff Writer

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Jackie Rearick, a sophomore Biomedical Engineering major at Penn State New Kensington, said that she couldn’t just sit around while thousands were devastated in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Rearick and her mom decided to make what they called ‘Texas Totes’ in order to help the victims in Texas.

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It’s Never Too Late To Get More Out Of College

By: Isabella Bordonaro

Editor In Chief

As a college student at a commuting campus, it can be really easy to get into the routine of just coming to campus for classes, and nothing else. What many students, including myself, fail to realize is that there is so much you can get involved in on campus that can enrich your personal and academic life.

Even at a small campus like PSNK, there are several clubs you can join, and student life plans events for almost every day of the week. Continue reading

We Are (Becoming)….


Orientation 2017 prepares incoming students for college life at Penn State New Kensington

By: Scott Sinclair

Staff Writer

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa.- Most events are said to “start off with a bang”, but thanks to Red Pride Leader Jeff Lang, New Student Orientation (NSO) 17 had one right in the middle.

NSO is an opportunity for new students to get acclimated to their college life through various events over three days; such as meetings with faculty advisors, team building exercises, and games of both the physical and mental variety.

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Journalism Ethics During the 2016 Presidential Election

By: Isabella Bordonaro

Managing and Online Editor

Each year Penn State New Kensington holds a Research and Creative Expo where students have the opportunity to do research on things they find interesting, and share them with faculty, students, and members of the community.

As an honors student, I am required to submit a project based on one of my classes, and share it at the Expo.

This year, I am taking a media ethics class with Abhinav Aima, Instructor of Communications at PSNK. In the class, we talked about how elections are covered, and how sometimes the practices that journalists use are not what would be considered ethical, according to the SPJ codes, which is basically the 10 Commandments for journalists.

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The Don

By Sam Elliot

Staff Writer & Reporter

LOS ANGELES, Ca. – Born out of the darkness and into the light, an insult comic to brighten up life, has passed away at the age of 90, will be forever missed, that is true, therefore Don this one’s for you.

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The Next And Last Frontier

By: Nathan Traini

Copy Editor

Right now, it seems hard to imagine, but we are on the cusp of a great adventure. By “we,” I mean the 7.3 Billion people that live on this planet. The adventure of space, the final frontier, is more complicated than anyone is prepared for. There are various world problems that need to be solved and there are solutions in the works to solve world thirst/hunger, climate change, and terrorism. There will always be crime, but war between nations must stop before we embark on this adventure to end all adventures.

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