Image attained via cdbaby.com

By Sam Elliott

Staff Writer & Reporter

In a time where music is mainly written on keyboards with intense beats, and rapidly flowing dialogue, its true meaning is often lost. With this now in perspective, an independent singer/songwriter named David W. Jacobsen has, through submission via The Nittany Pride newspaper’s Facebook page, asked if one of our staff members could review his work.  Well, let’s do it!

Alright, picture pop/rock lead singer Michael Stipe of R.E.M. meets folk rocker Bob Dylan, with the song-writing ability of “Weird Al” Yankovic, and you’ve got David W. Jacobsen.

Upon first listening to his song entitled “Settle,” I felt the sensation of being a love struck guy, who can’t seem to get the girl to feel same. The love he feels lingers on by him saying “we’re not getting any younger, so settle for me,” leading you to face the reality that it’s not meant to be.

“Free Bird” talks about the struggles of being an unknown musician and all the gigs taken to receive some pay. I find this song to be quite comical, especially with the lyrics of “The audience is half our age; none of us are getting laid.” An edgy feeling came about when listening to “Do You Want Fries With That?,” with it being about a guy who used to have money and be on top, but a change happened and he is now stuck working fast-food.

“Gambler’s Prayer” is about an optimistic gambler, who wishes to quit, but at the same time loves the rush. He is indeed at war with himself, and I must say that this happens to be my favorite song of the album because of the catchy chorus.

The album is entitled Begin the Chargin and consists of twenty songs ranging from disappointed satires to typical life. The music itself has a soothing quality and the backup girls’ killer vocals help to deliver a beautiful kick to the earlobes. The album can be purchased via the link: https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/DavidWJacobsen.


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