BREAKING NEWS: Winter Graduation Pushed Back to Afternoon

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – To the attending families, friends, and colleagues of Penn State New Kensington’s Winter Class of 2016’s graduation ceremony, the official turning of tassels and receiving of diplomas will be taking place later than previously scheduled.

Earlier today (December 16, 2016), PSNK Chancellor, Dr. Kevin Snider sent out a Facebook post to inform the Penn State New Kensington community that tomorrow’s graduation ceremony (December 17, 2016) is being postponed until 1:00 P.M. due to concerns of early morning ice and snow.

Unlike during the typical school year, when students can receive cancellation alerts from the school’s texting and communication services at the drop of the hat, families and friends who have been planning out their graduation celebrations in advance don’t have that same luxury.  Therefore, Snider has made the decision to delay graduation until early afternoon, and to give tomorrow’s attending guests the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to their schedules by informing them of this delay in advance.

Snider’s full Facebook post can be read below:

Dear PSNKers,

As you may or may not know, we are postponing the graduation ceremony tomorrow until 1:00 pm. I realize that during this busy season you probably have plans that are being disrupted by this development. I also have been in Western Pennsylvania long enough to know that the calls for ice and snow tomorrow morning may evaporate tonight and we could all wake up to 50 degree weather and cleared streets. If tomorrow was a day of classes instead of graduation, Jason and I would monitor the situation closely and make the call in the early morning before the commute.

However, graduation is different. Families and friends not on our texting and communication services are making plans to come to graduation, which increases the number of people traveling from across Western Pennsylvania. Celebrations for the graduates are likely planned and need time for adjustment. It is the weekend so clearing the roads, particularly on 780, need some time to get done. Since it is such a significant event for our students we want to make sure that we can contact each to ensure that they are informed of the change. For these reasons, we felt a call had to be made now. So, after looking at the information we had late morning and weighing the considerations mentioned above, I decided to error on the safe side and delay graduation to 1:00 pm.

My hope is that those of you who were planning can rearrange your schedules to help us make this the graduation ceremony our students deserve and I appreciate your understanding. I’m looking forward to seeing you and our graduates tomorrow as we take the stage in our newly remodeled theater to introduce our newest graduating class.

Thank you and see you there.


Kevin Snider

*Editor’s Note: We at The Nittany Pride would like to congratulate all members of PSNK’s Graduating Winter Class of 2016 for surviving the long struggle that is the college experience.  We will certainly miss you (especially our fellow COMM Majors), but we’re very happy for you, and we wish you luck as you begin writing the next chapters of your individual stories. Make PSNK proud, and go chase your dreams.


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