Alle-Kiski Job Fair Welcomes New Opportunities to PSNK!

By Jay Wu

Staff Writer and Reporter

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – On October 6th, the Alle-Kiski job fair was held at Penn State New Kensington.

The job fair provided students an opportunity to search for jobs or an internship for their majors within the area.

Jessica Logston, a senior in Information Sciences and Technology (IST), stated that job fairs are important.

“They help the students network with potential employers, and help build greeting skills,” she explained.

Juan Rodriguez, a senior at Penn State New Kensington, stated that job fairs are important for individuals who are searching for internships or job options.

“This fair is important for those who are in search of internships or job opportunities and have a hard time getting to some of the other career fairs in the area,” Rodriguez explained.

Joelle Cassidy, a Western Family Services of Pennsylvania employee, stated that there is a variety of aspects to the job fair. According to Cassidy, it provides opportunities for students.

“You’re going to see many aspects of jobs and opportunities, which is a good thing,” said Cassidy.

Felicia Junod, a Community Alternatives employee, stated that by being involved with several events, the job fair can provide options since students are able to attend and interact with potential employees.

“You can ask questions in order to prepare for interviews, receive suggestions for their resumes and can learn about the different jobs that are out there,” Junod said.

While attending the job fair, students can have their own opinions about who was their favorite employer.

Logston stated that her favorite employer was the Allegheny Health Network because of their friendly manner.

“They were the only table that I visited that actually took my resume and they planned on giving it to the right person. Their table also had lots of information about potential careers,” said Logston.

Rodriguez said that his favorite employer was UPMC because of the information, along with the friendliness that he received.

The students who attended the fair each had a favorite experience from the job fair at Penn State New Kensington.

Logston said that her favorite part about the job fair was networking.

“Job fairs give us students the perfect opportunity to network with potential employers and even meet potential Penn State alumni,” she said.

Rodriguez explained that his favorite part about the job fair were the benefits that the fair provided to students and guests.

“I have landed various interviews from this event and many others have landed job positions,” he said.

Attending a job fair at Penn State New Kensington is an essential factor for students in order to obtain a job or internship opportunity.

Jim Shields, career services advisor at Penn State New Kensington, stated that networking is a main purpose for attending job fairs.

“Most job or internship opportunities develop from some type of personal connection so, you need to make contact with people to develop those connections that might lead to somebody remembering that you are interested in working for their organization,” said Shields.

Students can have an optimistic experience attending a job fair, and the opportunity that can assist students on finding jobs or internships.

Shields said that students can have a good experience when they attend the job fair.

“For many students coming to the campus job fair is a chance to get the feeling for what it’s like to meet people for the first time, shake people’s hands, and give them a resume,” Shields explained.

The Alle-Kiski job fair on campus provided a pleasant experience for students who were in search of jobs or internships within the area.


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