Penn State New Kensington Welcomes Class of 2020!

By Jay Wu

Staff Writer and Reporter

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – On August 25th, Penn State New Kensington provided a warm welcome to the new freshman students making the transition from their high school environments to the college environment that PSNK offers them.

Unfamiliar with the campus in comparison to the upperclassmen who have occupied it for a while, the new freshman class may have their own contemplations about the setup of PSNK.

Moriah Kromer, a freshman Business major, stated that her campus experience has been very serene.

“It seems to be very relaxed, especially, compared to certain schools that I’ve heard,” she explained.

Rohan Kamat, an undeclared freshman with interests in Engineering Mechanical Electrical Technology (EMET), pointed out the campus’s similarities to a high school environment.  One similarity he specifically liked is the campus’s small size, which Kamat stated allows for “a lot of attention from teachers.”

The size of the campus has also benefitted Information Science and Technology (IST) Major, Alex Hoener.  According to Hoener, the campus is a good size for freshman, and has made the adjustment easier for him.

“It’s an easy transition between high school and college,” said Hoener.

Marshall Utiss, a freshman, majoring in Computer Science, stated that by only being at Penn State New Kensington for a month, he has grown to like the environment.

“The campus is pretty small, easy to navigate, the classes aren’t too bad, and I like the schedule that I have,” said Utiss.

With their schedules in consideration, the freshman continue to move forward with their classes and the students can become mentally engaged with their professor’s intentions of student involvement.

The professors are very relaxed and very organized when it comes to starting class, according to Kromer.

“They are very kind and courteous,” Kromer said.

Kamat, Hoener, and Utiss all stated that the professors were very helpful to them.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of them so far, and they have helped me out if I have any questions,” Hoener said. According to Hoener, there weren’t any conflicts with the professors.

“The professors show up on time and make sure that you understand the material,” said Utiss.

With the transition from their high school environment, it might become intimidating for the freshman class to familiarize themselves with the college environment.

The classrooms are about the same size as a high school and the teachers are more involved when it comes to helping students, according to Kromer.

Hoener stated that the difference between high school and college is the timing between classes.

“It’s easier to get stuff done when I have a two and a half hour period between classes and it motivates me to stay focused on classes instead of jumping from class to class,” Hoener explained.

Utiss stated that the scheduling between classes is a difference for him.

“High school classes are all back to back throughout the entire day,” said Utiss. He also added, “It’s pretty similar especially being such a small campus, you get to see the same faces everyday. Also, you can meet with teachers individually.”

With the new course management website, CANVAS and new scheduling management website, LIONpath, freshman can become familiar with how professors grade their assignments and what time that their classes start. Additionally, they can turn in their assignments online.

The Freshman still try to learn the setup along with everyone else, according to Kromer.

Kamat, Hoener, and Utiss both stated that they are both easy to use.

“Obviously, CANVAS had a few problems earlier, but I think everything has worked itself out and having all of the homework online makes it easier to do it on your time,” Hoener explained.

“All of the assignments are posted, you know when assignments are due and you can always get access to the syllabus,” said Utiss.

Penn State New Kensington has been known to have a variety of degree options, clubs, and sport organizations that students can become involved in.

“It gives you a great opportunity to learn what your major is, gives you the tools that you need to succeed and graduate on time,” says Hoener.

Lastly, according to Utiss, the campus has a lot to offer and always has something ensuing.

With the middle of the term and finals vastly approaching, success is the main goal for students on campus, especially freshman.

*Editor’s Note: This article is from our September 2016 edition of The Nittany Pride. My apologies for not publishing this story online sooner.


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