Pittsburgh Goes Black & Brown for The Comedy Get Down Tour

By Nico Regoli

Editors Note: This article contains quotes from a live comedy show that might be unsuitable for children and offensive or vulgar.

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Friday, September 18, hundreds, if not thousands gathered into the Consol Energy Center, as “The Comedy Get Down Tour” touched down in Pittsburgh for a night of laughs, as provided by five comedy icons.

comedy get down

Stop number three on the 10-stop tour, the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, was graced by the presence of stand-up heavyweights, Charlie Murphy, Eddie Griffin, George Lopez, D.L. Hughley and Cedric ‘The Entertainer’. Nicknamed the “Black & Brown Tour,” each comic had the audience gasping for air from start to finish. The comedians discussed multiple topics ranging from their childhoods, relationships, their views on America, Donald Trump, and more.

The night got off to an interesting start by beginning late, leaving fans wondering if they still had time to use the restroom and buy refreshments. It wasn’t until 20 minutes after the expected start time that the Consol was filled with the sounds of War’s “Low Rider,” best known as the theme song to George Lopez’s self-titled sitcom. The audience thunderously applauded as host, George Lopez, walked on stage for the opening set.

Lopez began his act by apologizing for the late start, stating, “My ticket said eight (o’clock).” He jokingly blamed the show’s tardiness on his fellow comedians, noting that he was always on time before he “started working with black guys.” Lopez was also the first of four performers that night to go on the attack against leading Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, for his racist tendencies and proclamations…and hair. Among other topics, Lopez discussed growing up Mexican, learning by making his own mistakes, marriage, his Darwinist views on food allergies and, to the delight of attendee, ‘Big’ Antoine Pendleton, the softening of today’s youth, stating “that’s what (joke) I liked the most.”

Once he was finished with his set, Lopez went into host mode, introducing the next comic of the night, Charlie Murphy, the great Eddie Murphy’s older brother. The first half of Murphy’s act was primarily about his marijuana experiences. He discussed how in Colorado (where marijuana is legalized), you can smoke near a cop, tell them you’re lost and they’ll drive you home, but in New Jersey, you have to smoke into the vent above your hotel bathtub to avoid trouble.

He also talked about the moment one realizes their high has kicked in, recalling a personal experience involving Shaquille O’Neil in a Buick Lacrosse commercial. Murphy also noted how he could  further explain why he believes Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero, but remembered that Jenner “knows how to throw a javelin.” Murphy ended his set by listing the four things he looks for in women: 1.) She’s funny. 2.) She can cook. 3.) She’s sensual. 4.) That none of these three women find out about each other.

Next on stage was Eddie Griffin, who was a true thief in the night, as he stole the show with his no holds barred routine. Nothing was off limits for Griffin, as he joked about anyone and anything imaginable. He talked about the ridiculousness of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), how terrorists never fly late at night and explained using the N-word in biracial terminology.

Griffin’s main topic, however, was his views on religion, calling out Johovah’s Witness as a multi-book publishing company with relentless sales tactics, asking Muslims why anyone would want 72 virgins when one woman is challenging enough (Griffin has been divorced three times) and discomforting Christians by quoting Bible verses which state that Jesus had “skin of bronze” and “hair like a sheep,” implying Jesus was black.

As Griffin left the stage, George Lopez returned to talk about The Original Kings of Comedy (Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, D.L. Hughley and Cedric ‘The Entertainer’). Two of those kings were closing the night’s show.

The first king, D.L. Hughley made his way to the stage and began his set by describing the terror of driving through Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Hughley also discussed his childhood fear of angering his mother, stating that he wouldn’t disobey her rule of never leaving the house, even if it was on fire. He also talked about the extreme honesty of his autistic son’s sex life and joked about marriage, which Pittsburgh Public Schools employee, Raeshonda Wellen really enjoyed.

“I liked the jokes about the kids and marriage,” said Wellen.

Last, but certainly not least was legendary comedian Cedric ‘The Entertainer,’ the second original comedy king on the tour and a hardcore fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Hall of Famer Franco Harris being one of his all-time favorite players. Unlike his fellow comics, Cedric avoided bringing up the GOP, instead taking an active and musical approach. Cedric discussed southern black people speaking too fast to interpret, and taught the audience how to out a gay man (see how long that man can last without jamming to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”). The show came to an end with Cedric singing a chicken-inspired parody of America’s National Anthem, followed by a photo-op with all five comedians on stage, where Lopez revealed a Pittsburgh Pirates Roberto Clemente jersey underneath his suit to demonstrate his own Pittsburgh pride.


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