Post Holiday Health and Fitness

By Darren Myers

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Face it, you ate a little too much over the holidays – everyone did. But the weather is warming up and rather than hiding behind baggy T-shirts and oversized towels all day, now is the time to start thinking about your summer body.

Working out at home is a simple thing to do; all it takes is some initiative and motivation. (Photo by Jimmy Meyers)

Working out at home is a simple thing to do; all it takes is some initiative and motivation.
(Photo by Jimmy Meyers)

The biggest cause for neglecting to workout is lack of time. College life is busy for everyone, there’s homework, jobs, social life: each of them seeming to happen one right after another, with free time being something of an anomaly. Despite the times of confusion and chaos in a college-life schedule, even the slightest workout can make a difference come time for warm weather.

In order to succeed in anything, particularly, anything pertaining to     fitness, having a plan is the most crucial step. Having a plan helps better understand what goals you are striving for and how high of a priority you are going to make shedding those unwanted pounds. A plan should have an overall “end” goal with several “small” goals in between. The “small” goals are what help keep you motivated as you go along. Without the “small” goals, people tend to lose interest and find that their overall goal is unattainable. The “small” goals help provide a sense of accomplishment along the way that will fuel you to keep progressing forward.

After creating a plan, that plan has to be implemented. A busy college life can create difficulty in executing this plan, but prioritizing your schedule is an easy fix for that problem. Thirty minutes (the same time it takes to watch an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”) a day is all you need to make a difference in your fitness level. Set a time each day where you will stop whatever it is you are doing and dedicate 30 minutes of your time to fitness.

Another concern with working out is price. Gyms can be fairly expensive depending on the facility and what it offers. If going to a gym is your preference, ask about student discounts. By simply flashing a student ID, many gyms in the area offer student discounts on a monthly or yearly basis and the savings can be extraordinary.

Sometimes a gym’s hours of operation do not coincide with a student’s schedule, which is very understanding and can oftentimes be a legitimate excuse for not working out. Although, many gyms in the area are open 24/7, therefore that excuse is inadequate.

On the other hand, some people do not like to leave their house – you know who you are. If that is the case, there are simple solutions. Bodyweight exercises can work just as well as weighted exercises, if not better, when trying to lose weight. Bodyweight exercises include: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, wall squats, various ab exercises, and cardio moves: such as high knees, jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers. None of these exercises require you to spend a dime of your hard-earned money and they can be done in any open room of your home.

In this day and age, everyone is searching for the “magic” way to lose weight when the reality is that the only way to lose weight is to burn calories. Studying is important, maintaining a job is crucial, and hanging out with friends is a necessity, but taking 30 minutes per day to help yourself accomplish something you want, is an obligation you should hold yourself to. If something is important enough to you, you will make time for it.


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