For All of Those That Cupid’s Arrow Missed

By Paige Owens

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that couples think they have the privilege to crowd at restaurants taking up tables that are reserved for “couple’s only,” and pack themselves into the movie theatre. Valentine’s Day often feels like “Single’s Awareness Day,” and perhaps is only most real to the greeting card companies. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not bitter about Valentine’s Day. I just strongly dislike annoying couples and red, frilly decorations hanging in every restaurant, supermarket, and clothing store.

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While I tend to enjoy the life of being a single gal and having no one around to try and impress or please; Valentine’s Day is a reminder that you don’t have any “special someone” in your life to spend your time with. Part of being single entails not having to share a bed with anyone at night or having to compromise what TV series to watch on Netflix. Perhaps, the best part though, is that you do not have someone that you have to spend every waking, breathing, and living moment with. That, to me, deserves a sigh of relief.

If you love your significant other so much, than is it completely necessary to have a holiday that is entirely dedicated to showing off your love for them? After all, Halloween celebrates the wicked and undead, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrates how fast you can get wasted. Then there is Valentine’s Day. What are all the singles supposed to celebrate?

Personally, I blame Cupid and his arrows of love for missing me and the rest of the great singles I know. Dating can be flat out exhausting. Relationships require communication, energy, and, occasionally, too much time.

Instead, I’d rather spend my time with my friends, and if I really need to cuddle, that is what my cat is for. Besides, he can’t argue with me about how much bed space I take up or what I like to watch on television at night.

So don’t be afraid to curl up on the couch alone this Valentine’s Day. After all, who says you have to share the remote or your bottle of wine?


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