Queen of Hearts: Date Night Fashion

By Paige Owens

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. — Date nights and Valentine’s Day do not necessarily mean a gal needs to lavish herself in girly, and semi-cliché, reds and pinks. Although the classic, dangerous feel of wearing red and the soft, feminine look of pink never go out of style; up and coming trends create sexy, and chic styles that  are redefining date night attire.

Laura Gensamer is photographed in a lace Valentine’s Day, date night outfit. (Photo by Paige Owens)

Laura Gensamer is photographed in a lace Valentine’s Day, date night outfit. (Photo by Paige Owens)

One of the biggest, but not necessarily new looks that is currently trending, both on the red carpet and on the streets, are classy jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are repeatedly either on the “in” or the “out” of fashion, but recently this look has reappeared and is redefining the sexy, chic world of fashion. This versatile piece can be worn in a number of ways: long-sleeved, sleeveless, a solid color, patterned, belted, or form fitting. Yet, it never loses its charm, elegance, and sex appeal.

This recently re-embraced style allows for gaudy accessories, sleek or vibrant heels, and the perfect shade of lipstick. This look is a great way to ditch the typical dress and heels and show off a style that will have your guy’s jaw drop to the floor.

A great way to keep the sexy, girly look on a date is by wearing a classic, lace dress. Lace is an intriguing and down-right beautiful style that captures the elements of intimacy and poise. A dress that is accented with lace or with a lace overlay, creates an outfit that is simple, yet elegant. Although lace can be accessorized, the sheer beauty of this timeless fashion trend needs no assistance.

Lace can be worn in a variety of soft colors such as: white, cream, or powder blue. However, black, navy blue, or grey also create an everlasting elegant date night look. Lace easily makes an outfit feminine, sexy, and polished without even trying.

Stray away from the feminine look for a date by pairing a soft, cotton T-shirt with a faux leather skater skirt. This punky style adds class and sass to any look and is easily paired with Vans sneakers, cute ballet flats, or studded combat boots. The leather creates an edgy, risky look that says, “Yeah, I read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.”

The perfect, assembled outfit isn’t always about the dress, the skirt, or the fabric, but rather about the jewelry, the lipstick, the nails, and the heels. These accessories are entirely dependent on color, style, and the overall presentation of an outfit.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, rather than dressing head to toe in pink or red, accentuate these colors in an outfit by picking accessories in that color scheme. The right heels can either make or break an outfit. However, if paired with a look that is simply chic, a flashy, chunky, or dazzling pair of heels can be the highlight of any outfit. Take Carrie Bradshaw’s advice, and obsess over your shoe choices for a bit.

We use our hands over 90 percent of the time each day, and you do not want to be caught with unfiled nails or chipped nail polish. Getting your nails done professionally is not only a pampering treat for yourself, but it also brings that extra oomph that any outfit might crave. Not to mention that you can get chic colors, patterns, and jewels that will last when you get your nails done. Perhaps, a heart patterned nail design will be your perfect accessory for the evening.

Lipstick is an essential for every occasion, whether it be date night with your boyfriend or drinks with the girls. Rather than accenting your lips with a soft pink or nude, bold and vibrant colors, such as: purple, red, or a hot pink, are going to be what make your lips, and overall look, stand out in a crowd.

Jewelry is key when it comes to any outfit. The simple, little black dress can turn into a jaw dropping look instantly when paired with the right necklaces, bracelets, or rings. More is not necessarily better with jewelry, sometimes one showy piece can be enough. However, multiple intricate, glamorous rings is a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. A simple black dress highlighted with haute red jewels will keep any girl looking like a Valentine’s Day sweetheart this year.

Many of these great items and styles listed can be found at stores such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Macy’s, or online at yerdle.com, where all things are free.


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