Transform Summer Styles into Fall Fashion

By Paige Owens

UPPER BURRELL, Pa. – Year after year, as summer comes to a quick end, it feels necessary to pack up sundresses, shorts, and maxi skirts until next May. However, you don’t need to say goodbye to your summer wardrobe just yet. Rather than packing up everything until next summer, incorporate your summer styles into your new fall fashion.

This fall is going to be filled with interesting trends from different sides of the fashion spectrum. Fall fashion is calling for a ton of punk – borderline gothic – pieces mixed with extremely girly, chic pieces. Punk pieces are going to incorporate a lot of leather accents, studs, torn skinny jeans, and combat boots. Whereas the girlier pieces are going to include floral, pastel colored dresses, faux fur, and everything glitter. The combination of these two contradictory styles will make it easy to utilize summer pieces to create a fashion forward fall wardrobe.

Sundresses for Fall

Sundresses turn into fall fashion trends. Left: photographed by Paige Owens, Middle: photographed by Paige Owens, Right: photographed by Jon McCabe

Sundresses turn into fall fashion trends. Left: photographed by Paige Owens, Middle: photographed by Paige Owens, Right: photographed by Jon McCabe

The key to transforming your summer outfits into fall worthy outfits is layering. Thick cardigans, jackets, and tights can be paired with sundresses to create an entirely new outfit that is cozy and ready for the fall weather. Cardigans with tribal print or animal print, particularly cheetah, are popular pieces for this fall and can be easily paired over a cute summer sundress.

Some of the best ways to pair a sundress with a cardigan or jacket is by taking a bright colored dress and pairing it with a more neutral toned cardigan or jacket. However, if you want to create a chic, punk look with what’s popular this fall, try pairing a floral, girly sundress with a leather jacket or army jacket. Tights and combat boots or ankle boots can also be added to this look to achieve a fantastic chic, punk outfit.

Maxi Skirts to the Maximum

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are versatile and create fun Fall outfits. Photographed by Paige Owens

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are versatile enough to create chic Fall outfits. Photographed by Paige Owens

Time to put away the strappy sandals that always get paired with maxi skirts during the summertime and trade them in for trendy ankle boots. The great thing about maxi skirts is that when paired with the right tops and right shoes they become an every season skirt.


Maxi skirts are versatile enough that there are tons of style options to make this piece work for fall. Maxi skirts that are thicker material and also darker shades are the best for these fun fall looks. Flat boots, combat boots, ankle boots, or high heeled boots can create a plethora of different on-trend fall worthy outfits when paired with maxi skirts.


For an edgier look pair a darker shade maxi skirt with combat or ankle boots, a plain tee in a rich fall color such as purple, grey, or army green; and finish the look with a leather jacket. Maxi skirts can transform into killer going out outfits or can make an elegant look. They can be paired with chic boots or fancy ballet flats and floral tanks, long sleeve basic tee-shirts, or cardigans. Another stylish, but simple look would be to pair a maxi skirt with a long sleeve or ¾ length sleeve tee-shirt and add a scarf or chunky necklaces to the outfit. This creates a chic and easy style that looks put together on everyone.

You can also pair maxi skirts with oxford button downs, long wrap cardigans that can then be belted or left open, flowy sweaters, tailored blazers, short sleeve tee-shirts, or graphic band tee-shirts. All of these pieces will transform your favorite summer maxi skirts into amazing fall outfits.


Chic Shorts

Summer shorts can turn into a punk or prep look. Photography by Paige Owens

Summer shorts can turn into a punk or prep look. Photography by Paige Owens

Shorts are the hardest summer essential to include into your fall wardrobe, but if done right they can create the most stylish outfits.

As mentioned before, layers are the key ingredient in transforming summer pieces into fall pieces. Shorts can go from a simple summer style and turn into a chic, fashion forward look by wearing them over a stylish pair of tights. If the shorts are simple without patterns then add tights that are colorful, embellished, or floral to maximize an outfit. Shorts and tights then can be paired with ankle boots, knee high boots, or ballet flats to bring this fall trend together.

Shorts can also be paired with chic blazers or jackets. The layered look with a basic tee-shirt, a scarf, and a jacket or cardigan can create an outfit that can go from class to a date night. But let’s not forget that shorts are still a fabulous piece to wear for a night out on the town. Leather or high-waisted shorts can be styled with fancy sweaters, bejeweled tee-shirts, long sleeve crop tops, or peplum tee-shirts to make the perfect outfit to go out and get drinks or to go dancing in.

Whoever said that it’s time to pack up shorts, maxi skirts, and sundresses as soon as the weather gets cooler was wrong. Summer styles can be easily paired with so many fall pieces that are already in your wardrobe to make fashion forward outfits you didn’t know you had.

Some great places to purchase discounted summer clothes, or any of the pieces in this article on a college student budget, are H&M, Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe. These stores have a variety of different styles and a large collection of items that can be added to your fall wardrobe for a good price.







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