Movie Review- THOR: The Dark World

By Krista Murray

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Let’s face it, people don’t go and see a Marvel film to think much about it afterwards. They are these “MARVELous” films (sorry) placed on this good Earth to entertain, sell popcorn, and then send the audience on their merry way when finished. There is nothing wrong with this. As hard working citizens of the world, we need to have films that require no thinking, hammer wielding, or cape wearing. Thor gives us just that. Thor: The Dark World is an epic, insane, humor ride of emotion, and I loved every minute of it. 

Directed by Alan Taylor, this sequel is every bit as entertaining as its predecessor, and dare I say, more so. Chris Hemsworth returns as the invincible title character with the heavy burden of saving the world… again. At least the threat of world domination was in London this time. I mean New York City needs a break from movie destruction. I’m looking at you Man of Steel, but I digress.

Thor may be the ultimate hero in this tale, but the true scene thief is his troubled villain half-brother Loki (played by the humorous Tom Hiddleston) who returns to Asgard after his destruction of New York in The Avengers (Again, poor New York). And by “scene thief” I mean Loki could be in the foreground of the shot with his back to the camera and you would still be more focused on what he was doing. All I’m going to say is, Loki needs his own film. Let’s make it happen, Marvel.

Now, get a ticket, some candy, and an absurdly priced drink. You deserve a fun day at the movies, and the creators of Thor: The Dark World know it.


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