PSNK Visits the Andy Warhol Museum

By Sarah Steighner

The Campus Activities Board of Penn State New Kensington held a free day trip for students to the Andy Warhol Museum on Friday Nov. 1. Students left campus around 9 a.m., and headed into Pittsburgh for a day in the city.

Once at the museum, students were given the opportunity to make a few different pieces of art. After being told about the screen printing process made popular by Andy Warhol, students were given the chance to paint and create their own.


Photo by Marisa Bailey

MBP_5785 newspaper

Penn State New Kensington students show their artwork at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. (Photo by Marisa Bailey)

As their artwork dried, the group was given a guided tour throughout multiple floors of the museum. Showcases of Warhol family pictures as well as the “Silver Clouds” art installation were shown. Students were able to view various artistic and experimental styles of Warhol’s art, as well as some iconic pieces such as the infamous Campbell’s soup can.

After passing a closed room with boxes from the floor to the ceiling, the tour guide then explained how the museum archives, organizes, and preserves many time capsule boxes Warhol filled frequently at different times with various items including whatever was on his desk at the time.

While passing through one of the floors, the group stopped to listen to Andy Warhol’s brother and nephew who had come to visit them museum and speak to the small crowd. Warhol’s nephew even recalled one of his most beloved memories of his uncle which was of seeing him without his wig one time as they were visiting.

Students were then able to view the Special Exhibition of art display, Theatre of the Self, by Japanese artist Yasumasa Morimura who has been described as Warhol’s “conceptual son.” This display consisted of Morimura’s recreation of famous popular culture images and Hollywood icons where he inserted himself as astoundingly similar visual replicas. Such recreated images were that of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, iconic European paintings, and other recreations of famous related cultural and political photographs.

After spending a few hours at the museum, students were taken to Primanti Brothers Restaurant in the Southside of Pittsburgh for lunch. Afterwards, they continued on to the Duquesne incline. There students were given a historic tour that included information about Pittsburgh and the mechanics of the incline.

incline tour

Penn State New Kensington Students learn about the Duquesne Incline while visiting Pittsburgh. (Photo by Marisa Bailey)



Photo by Marisa Bailey

Before heading back to the school, students ended the day appreciating the breathtaking view of Pittsburgh from atop Mount Washington on the observation deck.

Photo by Marisa Bailey

Photo by Marisa Bailey


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