Movie Review: Gravity

By Krista Murray


Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers Studios

Remember that one time in your life you wanted to become an astronaut? The thought of gliding around in space and watching the Earth spin below sounded like a great idea. Well, you will be very glad you crushed those dreams after watching Gravity, and I mean very glad.

Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuarón and starring the small cast of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, is fictionally based on two astronauts trying to survive in space after becoming disconnected from their space shuttle. The direction by Cuarón captivates the audience with long sequences that are cut-free (the opening scene is 20 minutes long with no cuts) and incredible slow pans of space that provide equal amounts of intensity and beauty. However, the true draw to this outstanding film is the acting done by Academy Award winner, Sandra Bullock. She is simply amazing.

Everyone should see this film for not only entertainment, but the learning value as well. If your future children tell you they want to become an astronaut don’t show them WALL-E, pop in Gravity and watch as that dream quickly fades. The only downside? They could want to become a politician next, but that discussion is for later.

So I will leave you with this- Go see Gravity. Now.


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