Penn State New Kensington a Clear Choice for Transfer Students

By Casey Domski


Penn State New Kensington student Sara Colaianne prepares for class. (Photo by Casey Domski)

UPPER BURRELL, Pa.– Its campus beauty, academics, and great student life make Penn State New Kensington a clear choice for transfer students.

Every year hundreds of students make the decision to transfer universities. Many of these students end up right here at Penn State New Kensington. The campus is a top pick among other universities in the area for its high quality and academic appeal. Penn State New Kensington is one of Penn State University’s 24 branch campuses located across Pennsylvania.

The campus itself is conveniently located just a short drive from the city of Pittsburgh and is also located near many major highways, making it a great choice for students looking to commute. This allows students to be close to home, as well as work while furthering their education.

The campus also offers small classes sizes allowing for a more personal learning experience. Students can choose from eight bachelor’s degree programs and five associates’ degree programs, providing them with a variety of options to choose from. The campus also features on-campus housing for students looking to take part in the full college experience on a smaller scale.

Transfer student Corey Cuadrado said that Penn State New Ken was a clear choice for him due to its convenient location.

“I wanted to be able to earn my bachelor’s degree in journalism while still staying close to home and work. I can get from class to work in as little as twenty five minutes, which is nice with my full time schedule,” said Cuadrado.

Cuadrado also commented on the class size at Penn State New Ken compared to other universities.

“Classes are much smaller when compared to larger universities,” he said. “The small class sizes make it much easier to ask questions and get one-on-one help when you need it.”

Sara Colaianne, a transfer student from Pitt, shared why Penn State New Kensington was a clear choice for her when looking to transfer.

“Penn Ken gives you all the luxuries and resources of a big name university on a much smaller scale,” Colaianne said. “I feel like I know everyone and always have someone I can turn to when I need help on an assignment.”

Colaianne also commented on the beauty of the campus.

“The campus is always so nice and clean, and you never see litter just lying around or people leaving messes,” Colaianne shared. “The campus is really well-kept and I feel comfortable using all the facilities here.”

Transfer student Andrea Conlon also chose Penn State New Kensington when transferring universities.

“I really liked that Penn State New Kensington offered eight bachelor’s degree programs, it gave me a lot of choices when deciding to transfer, I loved almost every class I have took here and the teachers,” Conlon said. “The smaller classes also really let your professors get to know you and offer help in class and out.”

Conlon also commented on the great variety of campus activities and clubs Penn State New Kensington offers to students.

“I was surprised at how many clubs were offered at Penn Ken, for a smaller campus you really have a lot to choose from,” Conlon said. “I highly encourage any incoming freshman or transfer student to get involved with a club or activity, it’s a great way to meet new people on campus.”

Penn State New Kensington offers both fall and spring open houses for any student looking to transfer into the campus. It is encouraged that all students looking to transfer attend these open houses and speak to an admissions officer before applying.

For more information about Penn State New Kensington visit their website at or call 724-334- LION.


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