Penn State Student Government Association Welcomes New President

By Casey Domski

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Penn State New Kensington’s Student Government has found a new face for the 2013-2014 school year. Nineteen-year-old Chelsea Leake has begun her fall semester as the new president of SGA. Leake, a sophomore originally from the Saxonburg area, is a graduate of Knoch High School and is hoping to major in risk management, with a minor in math.

Leake will head the face of this year’s Student Government Association along with a variety of other new officers. Leake has a love of involvement on campus and is also a member of both the Student Activities Club and THON.

“I love getting involved and just helping out,” expressed Leake.

Leake first became involved with SGA when a faculty member mentioned SGA and the clubs need for new officers. Leake quickly became interested in the club and its activities, and soon after filled out an application for the president position.

“I must give Lauren Blum all of the credit for getting me involved with SGA. Lauren was talking to me one day about SGA and how they would be needing executive officers for the new year. I was surprisingly interested in what she was telling me, and soon after I filled out an application right then and there,” said Leake.

Lauren Blum, assistant director of student affairs, felt Leake would be a perfect fit for the SGA president position based on her up beat and friendly personality.

“Chelsea is friendly and approachable, which makes her a great president that students can feel comfortable talking to,” said Blum.

Blum also noted Leake’s drive and dedication to hard work.

“She is motivated to do a great job at everything she does,” expressed Blum.

Others also notice Chelsea’s work eithic, with her fellow SGA officers admiring her dedication.

“I think the fact that Chelsea doesn’t mind taking the long way to get things done right really shows her dedication to SGA and her position,” said SGA Vice President Marissa Russo.

This year Leake hopes to make students the main focus of Student Government focusing on their wants and needs in an effort to make the New Kensington campus the best it can be for students.

“I want to better the campus and listen to the student’s wants and needs to help make Penn State New Ken a campus that students wouldn’t want to leave,” said Leake.

Leake encourages any student interested in SGA to join. She accredits SGA to building many valuable relationships with both staff and students around campus. She also expressed the importance of students taking an active voice and role within their campus.

“We can’t be the voice of the student body if we don’t know what the students want, or if we don’t have their opinion on certain issues. Get involved now so that possibly next year, you could be an SGA executive and make a difference,” said Leake.

Although Leake loves SGA and her other Penn State activities, she also has a variety of interests outside of Penn State. Leake expressed a love for both dance and old cars.

“One thing I loved to do and did do for a long time was dance, however my schedule now prevents me from doing it,” said Leake.

Old cars are also an interest of Leake’s.

“None the less I also love old cars, in the summer I love going to car shows and looking at the vehicles as well as learning about where they were made,” shared Leake.

Even though dance and old cars don’t have a place in Student Government, they are all part of what makes Leake a unique new president for this year’s Student Government Association.

For more information on SGA please contact or visit the SGA office located in Café 780.


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