Students Create Fun On Campus

By Heidi Kolar

Members of Student Life show off their Nittany Pride
Photo courtesy of Lauren Blum

UPPER BURRELL, Pa.—Student Life is a very important aspect of our Penn State New Kensington campus. Have you ever wondered who is in charge of setting up events on campus such as the root beer blasts parties, pumpkin carving and drive-in movies on campus? It is your fellow classmates who are involved in Student Life!

The Campus Activity Board, or CAB, is the club that allows students to assist in the Student Life Office. These students get to help organize and plan different campus events and activities. CAB President Jenna Swank says, “Being part of Student Life opens up great leadership opportunities, and it makes me feel good to put on events that makes other students happy.” 

Many of the students who have joined Student Life did so because they enjoy putting on different activities to make your experience on campus more exciting. Kelsie Nury, member of Student Life, says the reason she joined student life was, “To help balance my college experience, and to make connections with classmates.” It’s a fun and easy way to be involved and to unwind on campus when classes become just a little too stressful.

One of the activities Student Life is in charge of is “Get Rec’d,” which takes place every Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. in the gymnasium. Students can go to the gymnasium every Tuesday to play games or sports, such as volleyball. Craig Synan, CAB vice president, says, “I enjoy getting people to come out and be involved. And to make sure everyone is having a good time.”

Student Life also hosted alcohol awareness during of Oct. 22-26. In addition to activities on campus, CAB plans trips as well. Over the weekend of Oct. 27, students took a trip to 7 Floors of Hell, a haunted house in Cleveland, OH.

A fun event to look forward to this semester is the annual Blue and White Ball. It will be held on Dec. 14, 2012 at the Magnolia Room. The evening will include dinner, a fabulous DJ to dance to and casino games to entertain all.

Swank said there are plenty of events planned for the spring semester already. When the dreary, cold weather of winter has you wishing for anywhere sunny and warm, have no fear because Student Life has you covered! Beach week will be held sometime in February, and towards the end of the semester they will also host a Spring Fling week. And, as always during the last week of classes they will have their annual End of The Year Bash.

Student Life is all about student involvement and making the most out of your time on campus. Lauren Blum, Student Life Coordinator says, “I love interacting with students and being able to help them develop, especially during their first two years.” Blum adds one of her favorite parts of student life, “[is] doing all the activities.  We have a lot of fun!”

To stay informed of all the happenings on campus check out the Calendar of Events under the Student Life tab on the campus homepage:


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