Spanish Students Enjoy True Spanish Cuisine

By Ryan McLaughlin

Several students from PSNK Spanish classes travelled down to the Spanish restaurant Mallorca in Pittsburgh on April 11 to enjoy an authentic feast.  Some students went under the impression that they would be treated to tacos and burritos.  However, Mallorca is a Spanish restaurant, not a Mexican one.

Instead, the students were treated to salads with red lettuce and either vinaigrette or thousand island dressing and paella brought out by waiters in tuxedo.  Paella is a dish made of rice, vegetables, shellfish and chicken cooked in a skillet.  In addition, there was also homemade potato chips, chicken, vegetables and all manner of food that just kept coming.  The students drank water and a type of Spanish punch that was delicious.

After eating, the waiters brought out dessert: chocolate cake, rum cake, New York style cheesecake and flan.  Flan is a sort of custard-type dish drenched in a special sauce.  The dessert was fantastic, like the rest of the food.   If anyone left hungry, it was their own fault, because there was plenty of everything for everyone.

It was an amazing trip that helped to show off some of the Spanish culture the students learned in class, and gave them a chance to have some amazing cooking.

To share some of that Spanish culture, here’s the article on the trip to Mallorca in español:

En el 11 de abril, unos estudiantes de español viajaron al restaurante español Mallorca en Pittsburgh.  Unos estudiantes pensaron que la comida iba a ser tacos y burritos.  Pero, Mallorca es una restaurante español, no es mexicano.  Los meseros llevaron esmoquin y sirvieron ensalada con lechuga roja y aderezo vinagreta o mil islas.  También, ellos sirvieron paella.  Paella es un plato con arroz, legumbres, mariscos, y pollo que cocinaban en un sartén.

También, había papas fritas caseras, pollo, legumbres, y mas.  Los estudiantes bebieron agua y sangría, un tipo de ponche que estuvo delicioso.  Después ellos comieron, los meseros sirvieron postre: pastel de chocolate, pastel de ron, pastel de queso de nueva york, y flan.  Flan es un postre de natillas y cubierto en una miel especial.  Cuando nosotros salimos, nadie tenía hambre, porque tanta comida que hubo para todos.  Fue un viaje muy bueno que exhibía la cultura de España y tuvimos muy buena comida.


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