Local Artist Finds Success

By Andrea Jean Conlon

PITTSBURGH — Local artist David D’Incau has shown signs of success through freelance work received throughout the local area.

David D’Incau, a graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Illustration. A short two years later, D’Incau’s artwork is already popping up throughout the Pittsburgh area. His artwork can be seen on posters for shows and events, magazines, and newspapers found throughout the local community.

The Bicycle Times Magazine, based in Pittsburgh, showcased D’Incau’s art on its front cover for the April edition. In this edition of the magazine, D’Incau’s artwork also appeared within the magazine to accent articles.  D’Incau stated, “it’s the very first thing you see.  The cover always helps to sell a magazine.  Having that opportunity definitely was cool, to see it in a grocery store or bicycle shop.”

D’Incau has also done charity and non-profit freelance work. D’Incau said, “I’ve done other freelance jobs but most of them are either contributions or donations, just to get some publicity and for the cause. It’s cool to challenge yourself based on the theme. I did a poster for Haiti whenever they had the earthquake there a few years ago and non-profit organizations create these opportunities for artists and other designers to create a poster and donate that design or poster to the cause.  People then would buy these prints and the profits would go towards that foundation.  I also painted a bookcase for a non-profit organization called Beginning With Books.”

Through awards D’Incau has gained success and recognition to help further his career.  D’Incau stated, “at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s SCADDY Awards, I won a silver award for poster design. I did that poster for a poster design class that was an oxymoron about war and peace. It went over pretty well and I think the concept is pretty interesting. It was put in an exhibition for that awards show.” The Savannah College of Art and Design’s SCADDY Awards honor student achievement in advertising and related creative disciplines.

D’Incau’s achievements have enabled him to venture out of his studio and into the classroom. D’Incau taught an art class to students attending the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in Shadyside. D’Incau stated, “I was the instructor at the summer camp and every week they would have different courses available like film, print making, and crafts classes for the younger students. The students were between seven and eleven and it was an illustration and animation class for a week in the summer.”

In order to be an artist in today’s world, D’Incau suggests that, “It’s really really hard. You have to be focused on your work and promote yourself.” D’Incau has made his way to where he is with that technique. The Pittsburgh area has seen D’Incau’s art pop up and flourish quite prominently recently. At the rate he is going it is likely the area will continue to see his work featured locally.

You can visit David D’Incau’s website at http://ddincaujr.com/ to view his online gallery.


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