PSNK May Get Housing

By Craig McNair

There has been talk about the possibility that Penn State New Kensington may receive more housing options in the future.  There was a focus group organized in order to gain insight into both the opinions of those students living on campus and those who commute.  The biggest question is will housing bring more students to the university?

I had the pleasure of being invited to take part in the focus group designated for those who commute.  The majority of the group felt that if Penn State New Kensington were able to offer more housing options that we would see an increase in enrollment.  I personally feel that if those looking into Penn State University saw that New Kensington provided more than one housing option they would be more willing to attend the branch campus.

When asked about housing, Andrea Conlon, a communications student at PSNK said, “I would like some more housing on campus.  I like the campus small but I think some could bring in possible students that wouldn’t have had a chance to go here.  I think overall it would be a good idea as long as we don’t overdo it and we still have our small community on campus.”

When asked about the possible disadvantages, Conlon stated, “classes become cluttered because of too many people in a classroom.  A perk of Penn State New Kensington is that we are able to go to classes with smaller amounts of students.”

Sara Colaianne, a communications student at PSNK said, “I think it would be to our advantage because it would let students get the away from home campus feeling instead of just commuting.  It would also give more students a chance to come to our campus that might not live near here.”

Colaianne stated the disadvantage of more housing would be, “too many students and overcrowding in classrooms.  The benefit of Penn State New Ken is it’s small classrooms, small amount of students and more one on one time with teachers and students.”

Only time will tell what the plans are regarding the housing situation at Penn State New Kensington.


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