Glen Meakem Speaks At PSNK

By Andrea Jean Conlon

NEW KENSINGTON, PA – Radio talk show host speaks about the constitution and his insights on how to be successful at Penn State New Kensington.

Glen Meakem earned a bachelor’s degree at Harvard University, as well as a master’s degree at Harvard Business School in business administration. In addition, Meakem  earned an honorary Ph.D. in business administration from Robert Morris University. Meakem is a radio talk show host, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist.  He cofounded Freemarkets Inc. as well as Meakem Becker Venture Capital. In 2008, Meakem started the “Glen Meakem Program,” broadcasted on 104.7 FM as a way to discuss how to make Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania strong, growing foundations.

Meakem made his first appearance at the New Kensington campus in 2009. He came back to speak to local Plum High school students, Penn State New Kensington students, and to members of the community at an open forum. Meakem presented his views on the constitution, economy, and ways to lead a successful life.

“I am very confident in the United States of America. I think we will turn this around. I am confident that we will turn the economy around. I am confident that the majority of Americans will see the light and give us a more conservative government including a better president” as stated by the opinionated conservative, Meakem shares this insight on how our economy will be improved in time and with the help of the people of the United States.

“The average graduate takes six years and I think only half graduate. The half that graduate on average take six years,”as Meakem states as the biggest issues concerning college students.“If you want to survive in a competitive global economy, you gotta go to college and actually apply your self and work. You don’t need to be Albert Einstein. You just need to go to college and work hard. Have a great attitude and then guess what will happen, if you work hard and have a great attitude and achieve something and get some good grades, there are all types of employers that will want you because there is a shortage.”

“In order to manage successful, and lead successful, you have to have a vision of where you want to go and then you must say what the practical steps you need to take to actually get there,” as stated by Meakem as another view of his on how to be successful.

Different opinions were formed from the presentation Meakem gave from different audience members. Craig McNair, a journalism student at Penn State New Kensington stated, “I felt that a lot of things he had to say were contradicting, hypocritical and illogical.  He wanted to stress the fact that students shouldn’t be bailed out financially by the government due to his generalization that most students take six years to graduate, smoke, drink and party all the way through college.  His views on politics benefit rich business owners like himself while leaving those less fortunate Americans to fend for themselves.  He also stated that America was able to win wars due to the teamwork and unity of the troops that served but doesn’t feel that those same ideas of unity amongst those fortunate and less fortunate American citizens is important.”

Although, some audience members claimed to enjoy the intimate setting where there questions could be answered throughout the presentation. “I loved the fact that he talked and we could respond at any time,” stated by David Grimm, an audience member who is a part of the local community in regards of how this speech was an enjoyable experience for him.


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