A Rock Hopping Place to Be

By Jake Baird

APOLLO, Pa – Local resident Brad Klingensmith, 28, plans to reopen what used to be the diminishing Mosey Inn in Apollo and call it Rockhopper’s.

If you are looking for a place where you can have a few drinks after work or simply take the family for an evening dinner, Rockhopper’s is the place to be. “Rockhopper’s will not be like home, it will be better than home,” Klingensmith said. He plans to create a people-friendly environment to keep customers coming back for more. He will proceed to accompany his customers with mouthwatering food, excellent service, daily specials, and drinks for all ages.

Klingensmith realizes that two questions arise on a daily basis: Where do you want to eat today, and what do you want to eat today? He would like the only answer to be Rockhopper’s, in Apollo. To accomplish this he plans to set an unforgettable atmosphere inside and out of his restaurant.

According to Klingensmith, “Walking by my restaurant will prohibit you from taking another step further. Even if you are not hungry, you will be.”

He believes that it can be as simple as the smell that will lure you in desiring a sit down dinner. Klingensmith realizes that once the customers are in he plans to give them exactly what they expect, to get their money’s worth.

He is well aware of the fact that eye-catching advertising, proper location and offering more than what the locals do will leave his business “booming.” Not only does he plan to take things one day at a time, he plans to take it one customer at a time. He acknowledged the fact that it only takes treating one customer graciously and that could lead to them bringing five or more people back next visit.

When asked about the awareness of our tough economic times and opening a business, Klingensmith said, “Opening a business is risky at all times. I mean you put all you got into making sure you get up and running. I’m not just talking about just money either, but time and energy.” He plans to start by expanding off his own experience and letting his talents take him down a righteous, successful path.

Just like our economy and life in general, Klingensmith is well aware that business will be up and down. After being informed of the market for his business in the downtown area, he is approaching the outcome with no fear. He said, “The only thing that can keep me from reaching my dream is me.”

No matter the inconveniences and setbacks, he is prepared to take things one day at a time. “The sky is not the limit,” Klingensmith explained. “I plan to push my business way past that.”

Usually when someone has a plan like his, they like to visualize the “big picture.” Klingensmith seems to have already painted his “big picture” and nailed it to the wall. When I asked him how he portrays the future of his business, he claimed, “I see the future of my business as a hardworking, long adventure to success. I truly wouldn’t want it any other way as well.”


3 responses to “A Rock Hopping Place to Be

  1. When is it opening, and where in Apollo?

  2. Denise Fulton

    We are too excited to have something new in the A K area!! Can you please post a menu to your website? That would be wonderful! Congrats, good luck and you will see us there soon…Need some reviews also!

  3. cushmanc@apolloridge.com

    AMAZING salads! Would love it if they delivered!

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