PSNK Soccer Player Helps Team Reach Playoffs

By Joseph Swiklinski

FREEPORT, Pa. – A Penn State New Kensington soccer player helped lead the soccer team to the playoffs for the second year in a row on Sunday, October 30.

Sophomore Andrew Teorsky helped lead the soccer team to an 8 and 9 record this season with a playoff appearance.  The playoff appearance was a rematch against Penn State Hazelton who eliminated the PSNK soccer team from the playoffs with a 2 to 1 victory.

“The most remarkable thing about the soccer team is that we’re a jump start program and in two years we have two playoff appearances,” said Teorsky.

According to Teorsky, the reason why the soccer team has had so much success in the last two years is because the team started out as all freshmen.  The team had never played together because the soccer team was a new program. This helped the soccer team because players would not be bossed around by other teammates and the coach would be the one person that everyone listened to.

“The team bonded very well because we were all freshmen and did what the coach told us to do, which helped us to bond a lot easier,” said Teorsky.

During his freshman year, Teorsky played midfield, and switched to attacker during his sophomore year.  His favorite thing about playing soccer is that it made it easy to meet new people on campus.  He also enjoys playing with his teammates because they have bonded and it makes the soccer team more successful.
According to Teorsky, he did not play soccer during junior high and high school, opting instead to play high school football for the Freeport Yellowjackets. He was a successful running back and started his junior and senior year.  During this time, Teorsky rushed for over 1,100 yards and scored 25 touchdowns.

“I wanted to play soccer for Penn State New Kensington because there was not a football team, so I saw that the soccer team was being jump started so I figured I would try out,” said Teorsky.

Transitioning from football to soccer was challenging for Teorsky.  Playing running back helped this transition because there is a lot of running in soccer, which he was used to because of his position.  Football also helped him because he had a good sports IQ from playing the sport and that let his natural abilities and athleticism take over.

However, there were some challenges transiting from football to soccer for Teorsky.  The hardest thing for him was getting used to playing for 45 minutes for a half, then getting a 15 minute halftime and going back on the field for another 45 minutes. He persevered, though, and helped his team reach the playoffs the last two seasons.

Teorsky will not be returning to play soccer for PSNK next season because he has to transfer to another campus to complete his studies.


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