Jackie Kennedy Tapes Released

By Craig McNair

Interview tapes including topics such as JFK’s presidency, Martin Luther King Jr. and Lyndon B. Johnson have been released seventeen years after former first lady Jackie Kennedy’s death.  Jackie Kennedy recorded audio tapes after her husband’s assassination in order to gather thoughts on his life and her life with him.  Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the former President and first lady, released the tapes according to her late mother’s wishes.

The tapes have caused a controversy due to the comments made by Jackie Kennedy regarding certain topics.  In regards to Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Kennedy stated that JFK called him “tricky” and a “phony” and said of him, “I just can’t see a picture of Martin Luther King without thinking, you know, that man’s terrible.”  In regards to former President Lyndon B. Johnson, Jackie Kennedy stated that JFK said, “Oh, God, can you ever imagine what would happen to the country if Lyndon were President?”  These are only a few examples of what can be found within the newly released interview tapes.

These newly released audio tapes contain many insights into our country’s history including thoughts on the Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs Fiasco and the Vietnam War.  You can purchase “Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy” in paperback, hardcover or kindle edition.


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