Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

By Kelly Haugh

September 11, 2001 united the entire country in a series of unbelievable moments that joined Americans in a way impossible to explain to someone who didn’t live it. We all shared in the same feelings of grief, fear and helplessness, pride and patriotism. For the rest of our lives, everyone will remember what they experienced that day and where they were when they first heard the news.

PSNK has a rich variety of voices that range from freshmen, who would have only been eight when the towers fell, all the way up to adult learners and professors. Though we may come from different backgrounds and from all walks of life, our experiences on 9/11 form a common bond. We may not have been together in location or at the same points in our lives, so everyone’s story is unique to them, but there’s still something in every single story that reminds us how connected we were on that day. Those memories will link us forever.

In a few more years, many of the incoming PSNK students will not have been old enough to remember 9/11. To them, it’ll merely be something they read about in history books.

We at the Nittany Pride felt it was important to collect these stories and experiences now, and we invite every student, staff and faculty member to share their own recollections of that September day, either in a comment here or by emailing nittanypridenews@gmail.com.

So, where were you on 9/11?

Professor Kamenic’s Story

Kelly’s Story

Dr. Rubin’s Story

Craig’s Story


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