PSNK EMET Students Finding A Spot At Westinghouse

By Lori Maystrovich

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – With the instability of employment these days, as students we are looking for the best opportunities for future employment. Being a student at Penn State New Kensington, it was interesting to find out that two recent EMET graduates are currently employed by Westinghouse, and a current EMET student recently completed an internship there.

Westinghouse is known as a company that is in demand for perspective employees. It’s a leading developer of nuclear energy and is known for innovative ways that are changing how nuclear energy is being utilized.  The company is currently taking steps to develop new and more advanced nuclear power options. With the world in great need of energy, Westinghouse has become a leader in the industry.

Westinghouse is known in this region for being an innovative employer.  Three EMET students from Penn State New Kensington have ties to the Westinghouse organization through employment and internships. Current PSNK senior Stephen Skeers recently completed an internship at Westinghouse.  Skeers took part in the speed interviewing that took place here at PSNK during the spring semester.  Skeers appreciated being able to take part in the design process and learning how projects happen from beginning to end.  When asked how this internship affected his future plans, Skeers stated, “[it] made me more focused on what I need to focus on over the school year to become a desirable employee.”

Two recent graduates of the EMET program at Penn State New Kensington are currently employed by Westinghouse.  Charles Mance and Dave Keiser both graduated from Penn State New Kensington in 2009.

Mance found his position at Westinghouse on the internet. He stated some of the positive aspects of his job are the “freedom of working for a large … [and] very diverse company.” In recalling his experience in the EMET program here at PSNK, Mance feels his degree is “very broad, [and  I] hope it will open more doors to go into whatever I choose.”

Keiser did his internship at Westinghouse and was offered a position there. In recalling his experience in the EMET program here at PSNK, Keiser stated the degree “gave me the background I needed and the bachelor’s degree got me in the door.”

This only shows that some of the most desirable jobs in the area are at the reach of PSNK students.

Looking into internships and considering Westinghouse? Keep in mind Westinghouse, like many other organizations, has deadlines and requirements for their internships. The best way to have a chance at an internship at Westinghouse is to contact them at a job fair or on-campus activity and let them know you are interested. Next you will need to apply online for the internship you are interested in. The deadline for these is December. In January of every year, Westinghouse invites all perspective interns to an event prior to deciding on who receives their internships.


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