Radio Stations Release Emotional 9/11 Remixes & Tributes

Las Vegas radio station KLUC released a new remix of DJ Sammy’s 2002 hit “Heaven” to commemorate the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11. It was inspired by the original 9/11 remix and updated to reflect the ten years that have passed and the families who still live with this tragedy every day. Words can’t possible do this powerful new remix justice but it’s sure to tug at everyone’s heartstrings.

In the wake of September 11th, many people turned to music as a way to express themselves, to grieve, and to pay tribute to the heroes who were lost and those who survived. Radio airwaves were flooded with special mixes that combined some of the incredible phone calls, speeches, interviews and news coverage from that day with songs that expressed things everyone was feeling. The result is both breathtaking and inspiring. 10 years later, we’ve compiled 18 of these remixed songs to help us all remember and reflect upon the day “when the world stopped turning.”


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