Nittany Lion Apartments Evacuated: A First-Hand Account

By Ashley Laird

Fire Truck Outside Nittany Lion Apartments

Firemen respond to a carbon monoxide alarm at Nittany Lion Apartments Sept. 6. (Photo by Ashley Laird)

Alarms were going off and people were running around, everyone was being evacuated. This was not a normal night at the Nittany Lion Apartments.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6, all of these things started happening. No one really knew what was going on until we got outside in our flip-flops and pajamas. The apartments’ RAs began telling us that there was a carbon monoxide alarm that went off in someone’s room so we all had to stay out of the building until we were told it was safe to go back inside.

The fire department came and ambulances were on the scene. Around 100 students had to stand outside in the freezing cold rain and wait for the ok to go back in. People sat in cars, in ambulances and some just stood out in the cold. Everyone on the third level had to get checked for carbon monoxide poisoning. A handful of people were sent to the hospital but all were released in fine condition.

As the hours went by, the chancellor got a call and let us into the school so we could stay warm. He was very sympathetic and caring while all this was going on! Around 3:00 a.m. we got let back into the apartments. The firefighters checked the whole building and did not find any leaks or cause for this incident so they assured us that it was safe to go back in. While we were all going back into the apartments, most of us ready to get some sleep, the chancellor came with bags and bags full of tacos from Taco Bell. It was such a generous thing for the chancellor to do for us!  We all appreciated it very much. This was a pretty good ending to what could have been a tragic night.


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