Call for Nittany Pride Editors Nominations for Fall 2011

The Faculty Advisors of The Nittany Pride invite Penn State New Kensington students to apply for the following editorial (and management) positions for the student newspaper’s Board of Directors for Fall 2011:

Editor-in-Chief (President): The President shall:
A. Preside over all meetings of the NP and call special meetings when necessary.
B. Prepare an agenda for each meeting.
C. Assign stories to reporters.
D. Create regular or recurring features.
E. Enforce deadlines.
F. Work with the Vice President to select stories for inclusion in each edition.
G. Work with the Vice President to design layout for each issue.
H. Oversee the day-to-day operation of the newspaper.
I. Serve as a spokesperson concerning all policies or actions adopted by the NP.
J. Have the ability to relinquish her or his powers and duties to the Vice President when absence dictates.
K. Attend meetings of the Presidents’ Network.
L. Brief the new President on her or his responsibilities.

Managing Editor (Vice-President): The Vice President shall:
A. Be vested with all the powers of and shall perform the duties of the President during her or his absence or inability to act.
B. Preside over meetings when the President is absent.
C. Work with the President to design layout for each issue.
D. Work with the President to select stories for each issue.
E. Oversee the day to day operation of the paper.
F. Copy-edit stories for publication.
G. Brief the new Vice President on her or his responsibilities.

Online Editor (Treasurer): The Online Editor is charged with updating, editing and planning improvements for The Nittany Pride’s web site and Facebook accounts. In addition, The Treasurer shall:
A. Maintain accounts and files.
B. Sign all purchase order forms as necessary, and make deposits for and on behalf of the organization as per procedures of the campus.
C. Prepare fiscal reports detailing the overall financial condition of the NP and all student organizations’ accounts upon the request of the President.
D. Work to solicit advertising for the newspaper.
E. Report NP balances and expenditures during the first regular meeting of each month.
F. Have the Treasurer’s books ready for audit at any time.
G. Attend all meetings of the Presidents’ Network and present club account reports when necessary.
H. Brief the new Treasurer on her or his duties.

Opinions Editor (Secretary): The Opinions Editor is charged with planning for the editorial content of the news organization’s web site and publication, primarily by assigning and tracking progress on various editorials and Op-ed articles. In addition, The Secretary shall:
A. Record accurate minutes of the proceedings of all NP meetings for publication within three (3) school days and distribute copies to each officer, advisor, and voting member requesting copies.
B. Respond to complaints or concerns regarding news coverage in the paper.
C. Brief the new Secretary on her or his duties.

Purpose of The Nittany Pride student newspaper: The Nittany Pride works to foster public life on the New Kensington campus by:
1. Producing an interesting and informative newspaper.
2. Acting as a forum for members and non-members alike to freely share ideas and opinions.
3. Encourage discussion and focus debate among students, faculty, and staff.

General qualifications/requirements: As per The Nittany Pride’s constitution, all registered New Kensington Campus students in good standing with the University shall be eligible for membership, and be subject to all the rules and regulations of the organization. A student in good standing is hereby defined as one who has a cumulative grade point average no less than 2.00 and who has no official disciplinary action against her or him.

Selection Process: Each candidate will be interviewed by a committee formed of the sitting Board Members (who are not applying for Fall 2011 positions) and the Faculty Advisors.

Please email an application, stating your position of interest, qualifications, and goals for The Nittany Pride position of your choice, along with an up-to-date resume file (attachment to the email) to by Monday (04/18/2011). Candidates will be informed by email of possible dates, times and locations for the selection interviews.

Sent on behalf of the Faculty Advisors for The Nittany Pride by,
Abhinav Aima
Instructor of Communications
#114 Admin bldg
Penn State New Kensington
3550 Seventh Street Road, Route 780
New Kensington, PA 15068-1765
Google Voice: (724) 472-8798


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