Business Club Hosts Annual Etiquette Dinner

2010 PSNK Etiquette Dinner (Photo by Melissa Gemballa)

By Melissa Gemballa

Once more, it is time for college students to prove that they can present themselves socially in ways quite contrary to those depicted in the movie “Animal House.” That means learning which water glass you can drink from, how to properly butter your bread, where to put your napkin if you leave the table during the meal, and how to eat and answer interview questions at the same time. All this and more will be revealed at Penn State New Kensington’s annual Etiquette Dinner, scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the campus Conference Center.

The Etiquette Dinner is hosted again this spring by the Business Club in conjunction with Career Services and made possible through a generous donation from the Alle-Kiski Society, the local chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, and the assistance of the Student Activity Fee. Although open to the public, it is intended to provide instruction to those most in need: college students who will need to know how to put their best foot forward in order to join the ranks of the gainfully employed.

“Many people see that the Business Club is hosting the Etiquette Dinner and think that means it’s only for business students. That is absolutely not the case!” declared Business Club President, Grant Schoenfelder. “It is a great opportunity for students of all disciplines to learn useful skills that will help them in the job market during and after the interview process. It is my hope that students take a hold of this opportunity and get all that they can out of it.”

This year’s event sees the return of etiquette expert extraordinaire, Susan Timko. The Associate Director of Career Services at Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University, Timko has professionally presented on the topic of etiquette for more than ten years. She will address not only basic dining etiquette but also how to handle awkward situations and how to make the most out of networking opportunities.

Guests will be served a three-course dinner, prepared by Dan Tokarek of AVI Fresh. The menu features entrée choices of roasted chicken with pepper cream sauce or pasta primavera and sides of red potatoes and green beans. New York-style cheesecake with lemon blueberry sauce will be dished up for dessert.

The event is open to the campus and the public. Administrative, faculty, and staff members as well as community members are invited and encouraged to attend. Ticket prices are $15 for students and $25 for non-students. Tickets are on sale now through March 25 in Café 780 during common hour. Space is limited. Contact Grant Schoenfelder, Business Club President, at (412) 613-1471 or Jim Shields, Career Services Coordinator, at (724) 334-6065 for more information.


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