MTV Bares All in the New Hit Show “Skins”

By Chelsea Markle

MTV released a new show, “Skins,” on Jan. 17, and parents are not happy.

“Skins” is a drama based show that depicts the lives of nine middle class teenagers. This remake of the original UK series pushes the boundaries of what is considered “appropriate” for young viewers, and of course, the Parent’s Television Council (PTC) is sinking their close-minded teeth in.


The president of the PTC told News Weekly Magazine that “Skins” “may well be the most dangerous show for children that “we have ever seen.”

However, maybe these parents are just not ready to accept that this is what their kids are actually exposed to, and possibly participating in, on an everyday basis.

“Skins” touches on subjects such as sex, sexual orientation, drug use, and sneaking out (or should I say back in) of the house. The idea that parents think this is dangerous to their child retaining his or her youth is completely absurd. If anything, it will open their eyes to the obstacles that they will, and are being faced with.

According to the New York Daily News, David Janollari, the Executive Vice President of MTV, agrees that “Skins” is the “the perfect scripted show for MTV.”

This show was created by Bryan Easley, and he and his 19-year-old son make sure that what is portrayed on their show is everyday life. Sure, some elements are obviously exaggerated, but it is a drama series on television. That is to be expected. Esley and his son refer to a group of approximately 30 other teenagers to ensure that their material is raw and true.

According to Newsweek Magazine, “Skins” may be “the most realistic show on television.”

“Skins” is the first show of its kind to be aired on basic cable. However, much editing was made in order for the show to be able to reach the large following of MTV. A great deal of swear words and nudity were taken out to appease the rules of indecency in television censoring.

The show has also lost a large amount of its advertising due to the fact that many advertisers do not agree with the depiction of the abundance of teenage sex, drug use, and underage drinking. It makes one wonder if the people behind the advertising actually went to high school. The amount of “indecent” behavior is rather spot on.

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