A Classic Children’s Christmas Movie Comes to Life in PSNK’s Forum Theatre

By Juliann Motosicky
NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – On Dec. 1 at 2 p.m. and Dec. 2 and 3 at 7:00 p.m., Penn State New Kensington’s Drama department will be staging the production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in Penn State New Kensington’s Forum Theatre.
This production will be open and free to the campus staff, the student’s families and friends, and surrounding communities.  Children organizations, groups, and schools are also welcome.
Director William R. Mitas said, “We wanted to offer a free production to the community as a gift for the Christmas season.  ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ was the choice because it will not only attract the community, but children of the valley as well.”
“A Charlie Brown Christmas” will allow for the community to connect with the students, and bring a mix of holiday spirit to the audience and actors.  It also has many memorable characters that will be played by students and faculty members of the campus, and funny moments that will bring this classic story to life. 
The cast for this show includes students Jimmy Baker (Charlie Brown), Juliann Motosicky (Lucy), Michael Loew (Linus), George Pecoraro (Schroeder), Jessica Jeffries (Violet), Alexa Kabazi (Patty), Ashley Christeson (Freida), Reid Rotzler (Pig Pen), Jack Wagner (Shermy), and Andrew Lee (Snoopy). Faculty member Joan Kowalski, who is a senior instructor in engineering at the campus, plays the role of Sally, Charlie Brown’s sister.
For more information about “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” contact William R. Mitas at 724-448-8942, or visit Penn State New Kensington’s website. 

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