PSNK Chooses New Student Government President

By Chelsea Markle

GREENSBURG, Pa. – A new Student Government President was chosen this semester at Penn State New Kensington.

Ross Sheffler of Greensburg was elected the Student Government President at the end of the 2010 school year. This is his first time ever in an executive position in student government.

“It can be very overwhelming,” Sheffler said, “I am in charge of all of the activities and committees on campus, and have to attend a great deal of meetings with a lot of important people, like the Chancellor.”

Sheffler is a 21-year-old junior at Penn State New Kensington, and is in the process of achieving a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

Sheffler was elected through a selections committee that was chosen by the previous Student Government Association (SGA) members.

“They made sure to choose people that were not involved too highly with SGA to keep things unbiased,” he said.

He underwent an interview process during which the committee asked him a series of “off the cuff” questions that would allow the members to make their best decision, Sheffler said.

Sheffler is following in the footsteps of the previous SGA President, Ben Smith.

“My friends and family were very excited for me, but I was definitely a little nervous,” Sheffler said. “Ben Smith left me with big shoes to fill, and I knew I was about to take on a big role.”

The student government’s job on campus is to be the voice of the students, and to “advocate for students and help them with any of their potential problems,” Sheffler said.

Every month, Sheffler and the rest of the SGA hold a general assembly meeting where its members and the general public can find out what the executives have planned.

“We like to give everyone a general update,” Sheffler said.

Sheffler has a few pending projects in mind for this school year, but he is most excited about one in particular.

“I am trying to [encourage] certain main clubs, like Engineering or Psychology, to start going to local high schools and recruit new [members],” he said.

Not only is Sheffler the President of this year’s SGA, but he is also very involved in other extracurricular activities. Sheffler did all of the lighting for this year’s fall musical Frankenstein.

“I owe much of my credit to the amazing executive team that keeps me on track and on my toes,” he said.

Sheffler hopes that he can represent all of the students here at Penn State New Kensington in the best way possible, and hopefully try to “make a better life for everyone here.”


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