Dogs: Worthless, Vile Vermin

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By Andrew Tsou

When I walk home from the bus stop, I pass factories that constantly spew out carcinogens, parts of town where 12-year olds with guns are a threat to my wallet and health, past gas-guzzlers with “Support the Troops” bumper stickers.

But I’m not worried about pollution or being mugged or depleted oil reserves or the conflicts overseas.  It’s the scourge of barking dogs off leashes that consume valuable resources and defecate said resources onto the sidewalk that worries me.

First, I confess that I have had a mortal fear of dogs all my life.  That said, my view of dogs as useless beasts with no place in our society (save as sustenance) applies equally to all pets.  Most of us consume cows, pigs, and chickens without any trepidation; why, then, the place of dogs, cats, et. Al. as members of the family?  You don’t find many people with chickens running about their house (although, in fairness, there is a man in my county who owns a pig and walks it around the park).

In South Korea, many people consume dog meat (  Although, as would be expected in our western world, most web sites on the topic condemn (with virgin-eyed shock) the actions of these particular South Koreans.  Sites such as are indignant about the manner in which these beasts are exterminated, yet there is no similar outcry for slaughterhouses in the United States.  It appears that animals are only deemed worthy of protection if they are cute and cuddly.

(In fairness, there are groups and sites such as which focus on slaughterhouse cruelty, and there is surely overlap between the two groups.  But for the majority of Americans, the suffering of cows and pigs is easily ignored, while the slightest cruelty to a dog or cat is viewed as a crime greater than human genocide.)

Dogs are a burden on our resources; rather than spending money on food and vaccines and other costly medical procedures, they should simply be slaughtered for food, as other livestock are.  Would this not then create a substantial decrease in the rate of world hunger, not to mention an improvement in the balances of countless Americans’ bankbooks?

Tellingly, there is a foundation based on “rescuing” dogs abandoned by their owners after their (the humans’) house was foreclosed (  The question, then, is, why the outrage over a useless animal that produces nothing, as opposed to the real issue, which is that the economy and people’s personal financial decisions are so shot so as to make these foreclosures necessary?

Some people claim that a dog is a person’s best friend (this axiom has been altered for political correctness).  This ignores the fact that such a needy, dependent, helpless animal will become attached to anyone who gives it food and shelter.  Dogs offer nothing; people who claim that they and their dog are in a loving relationship frighten me as much as the writings and credo of NAMBLA.  Only a sick person could make a creature dependent on them and then call it “love.”

Perhaps it is some sexual perversion which keeps people so attached to their dogs and cats (this idea was brought to me by an anonymous English professor who suggested that girls are fascinated by unicorns because of the phallic symbol of the horn; presumably the sharp point implies a thirst for S&M play, but this topic was sadly not addressed in that particular lecture).  It would explain why people let their dogs sleep in their beds, follow them around, etc.  Perhaps the leash is a symbol of sexual power that these sadly unfulfilled people have (unfortunately, not all dog owners subscribe to this particular fetish; note the numbers of people who unleash their dogs while out walking at local parks, despite the clearly posted “Dogs must be on leash” signs).

While in Virginia, I found a brochure with the ever-present tagline “Virginia is for lovers.”  The photograph on the cover pictured a serene sunset scene, with the silhouetted figures of a man, a woman, and…their dog.

I’m all open for people exploring their own impulses.  But can’t we get equal rights and acceptance for homosexuals and polygamists first?  (And at least those groups contain all consenting members.)


30 responses to “Dogs: Worthless, Vile Vermin

  1. Okay- I have to say this is very interesting…. I can see how it would outrage some people. Some of your thoughts on the matter are original, such as sexual partners and fatter pocket books, some I have heard before, such as eating dogs in other countries. Honestly, I like that you have viewed this in a different way and I find your take on it fascinating. I think it is always interesting hearing a viewpoint from someone else. By taking such a strong and oppositional standpoint, you have rightfully taken advantage of the first amendment- kudos. I have to say though there is a flip side to when you say that if we just eat dogs instead of paying all this money to take of them it will leave Americans with more money. Through paying for pet food, kennels, doctor visits, etc. we are creating jobs for people and circulating money through the nation, which is really what fuels the economy- make money, spend money (if you spend it in the U.S.) Then, if we have American companies who export their pet goods/services then bring that money into the US than that is really fueling the economy. I don’t necessarily agree with all of your points, but it was an intriguing article.

  2. This is honestly terrrible. I understant how everyone has a right to their own opinion, but this is disturbing. If you have such a strong standpoint on a subject, fine. If it is something that has no logic for publishing then don’t! This newspaper does have a wide aray of topics cover but this was not necessary at all. Although, this is MY opinion, in which I also have a right to share, I believe many people would agree this is disturbing being an animal lover or not.

  3. Raised Eyebrow

    People who try to humanise their dog(s) are sick, very sick. A dog is not a human, it is a servile creature. It is a dog. Nothing more.

    Just as we dehumanise cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, lambs (so we can eat them guilt free), we humanise dogs, which are essentially just the same as cows, sheep, chickens, lambs etc. And then we get indignant when another culture treats dogs the same way we treat cows, sheep, chickens etc. etc.

    Double standards if ever I heard of it!!!

  4. Raised Eyebrow

    That dont-eat-dog-meat website is just retarded at best. You’d think there was a dog-god guiding human evolution. Load of crap.

  5. Well spoken!

  6. Well said!! I agree with you 100%. Dogs are coddled vermin with a serious case of “Stockholm syndrome”.

  7. The money spent on American mutts($1,500 a year per mutt) could be saved up for peoples’ old age and medical expenses. It could also be spent on college educations and other types of job training. It could be invested in American compamies. India and China don’t waste money on mutts; these countries are really kicking the shit out of America, economically.

  8. dogs are no longer pets, they are used as weapons by most people these days, thats y i hate them.but i think cats r ok,as long as they r not vicious.dogs are just stupid, vile, dirty, dependent on human creatures that should be wiped off the face of this earth if u ask me,scummy little retards.

  9. barbara Griffin

    all you people are pretty sick. It has been shown that most animals have probably more intelligence to LEARN things than humans. Recently I have learned cases where cows laid on their babies to try to protect them from the biggest vermin of all…the human. I have had dogs all my life and the bond that is formed is stronger than a lot of human bonds. With that said, as I was in a store to buy dog food, I had a huge emotion looking at walls of chew toys….A dept filled with dead animal parts for family pets. So don’t blame dogs, get past your fear . They are using the human/dog bond in prison to change hearts and minds.For some, its the only love they have known. And what about dogs that lead the blind, and go to war, etc. Cats on the other hand are just the opposite. They think you are there simply to serve them.I can understand maybe not liking them but “scummy little retards?”, really?So very many people are more stupid, vile and dirty Jack. Nothing compares to a dogs love, devotion and protection ,they have always been a part of my family since I was a young girl.Did you know their was a trained dog with the Navy Seals when they caught Bin Laden. I bet none of you would be that brave or even give a shit. I have to go now…need to let my rescued mutts out that were abandoned by people like you.But lastly, trying to make a case about dogs vs all the gay rights, etc. is a real leap. One dog I have was locked in a barn and left without food or water for 3 weeks. She was only 5 lbs but the rescuer and vet saved her. She is pure joy and it took a long time to nurture her back. Looks like this is a college site….? Hope you learn a little compassion for all creatures and maybe there will be some for you too when you need it. As a Hospice nurse, let me just say I have attended the deaths of children to seniors so you WILL need it. Some people on this page need to evolve as much as the dog has from the wolf.

  10. I have had to comfort my mother when her mom died and when one of her dogs died. She wept more for the dog than her mom. The dog didn’t feed or clothe you. How could you “love” a dog more than your mom who does nothing but eat, poop and hump his brothers, sisters, parents every day.

    I just came home from a walk in my neighborhood. I had to tell a pregnant woman on her front lawn talking on a cell phone to take her dog inside or put a leash on it. Mothers walk babies in strollers for God’s sake. I have been chased by dogs before on my daily walks. Stupid parents like these put the lives of their babies at risk and are shocked when the news of their baby’s death by their dog makes news.

  11. Dogs are the most selfish, dominating, dangerous, and stupid creatures humans ever decided to make as pets. The dog owners that defend their dogs’ stupid actions are just as stupid as their dogs! I live in a rural neighborhood in FL, and enjoy riding my bicycle, especially when it’s cool outside, and also taking walks, and these honky-tonk neighbors always let their dogs run free to gang-up on, chase, and bite anybody that travels down the road by their houses. If you defend yourself against them, they yell at you for “making” the dogs go after you. Even had one neighbor get in his vehicle one late night and come after me on my bicycle for “making his dogs bark and keeping them awake at night ” and that “you aint supposed to ride bikes at night” which I promptly let him know this is the United States of America and I have the right to ride my bicycle when I please, and he got upset and burned rubber with his vehicle waking up the rest of the neighbors. I currently regrettably own a dog because of my girlfriend, and this dog will rush you when opening the door, knocking into my legs and making me fall and hit the ground. I also tell the dog “NO” and it will keep its nose pointed at the door opening ignoring my commands, so it can push through when the door STARTS to open, When you tell the dog “NO” when you are preparing food, the dog will walk behind you where you can’t see it, and try to rush in to steal the food anyway. The dog will jump into my bed and not leave, and won’t let me get in my place in bed. Yesterday the dog jumped in my bed and clawed me in my eyeball, injured my eye, and my eye hurts so much right now, but I can’t get rid of the dog because my girl loves the stupid mutt more than me, so I may just drop both the mutt and the girlfriend, two less females causing problems for me anymore.

  12. Love how 2 posts in “Britanny” seems so appalled, I completely agree with this, there are people with foreclosed homes because they spent their money over something so useless. In a time with diminishing resources, we still dedicate resources to dogs rather than re-directing it for the sake of human survival. Priorities are messed up because of these mutts that never deserved to be treated so royally.

    And technically dogs never evolved, they where the outcasts of the majestic wolf family that only survived because they decided to develop a very sad dependance on humans such that, dogs cannot survive without humans.

  13. Dogs are worthless vermin. The people who own and “love” dogs, claim they are “person’s best friend,” call themselves “dog parents” and other nonsense are sick, i.e., mentally unbalanced. In fact, the entire dog-human relationship in the US is dependent on artificial intervention — the rabies vaccine. Until dogs were routinely vaccinated for rabies, people kept them outside where they belong and treated them like the animals they are. Now, people bring those filthy, excrement-eating fleabags into their homes and allow them to sleep on their beds. (Incidentally, people who sleep with dogs do more with them than “sleep.” Just read the news and you will find numerous stories about people charged with bestiality after engaging in unnatural acts with dogs, and bear in mind, the overwhelming majority of these perverts are never caught. In South America, there are jokes about women who own lap dogs because everyone knows what they allow those dogs to do!) But getting back to the rabies vaccine, if something happened and the rabies vaccine became unavailable and dogs began developing rabies again, it wouldn’t take but one or two cases of human rabies and this love affair with the dog would end.

    Dogs are the only creatures on earth that eat human excrement, except pigs and rats, and even pigs and rats won’t eat it unless they’re starving, but dogs lap it up like ice cream. They also eat vomit — including their own — the excrement of other animals and wallow in every filthy, stinking thing they can find. When it comes to zoonotic disease, dogs pass along more such diseases to humans than do rats, or any other mammal. A study a few years ago in Germany discovered that dogs carry the virus that causes breast cancer and pass it along to women. Of course, the multi-billion-dollar dog industry in the US, Canada and the UK suppressed the findings of the study. However, I was curious and took the names of every high-profile woman I could think of who has undergone surgery for, or died of, breast cancer — Shirley Temple Black, Ingrid Bergman, Sandra Day O’Connor, Jill Eikenberry, Betty Ford, Kate Jackson, Ann Jillian, Olivia Newton John, Suzanne Somers, Lynn Redgrave and Happy Rockefeller — and guess what, I found a photo of every one of those women on the internet with their dog, or dogs!

    Finally, dogs aren’t even natural creatures, they were created by man from wolves. This is the reason they are so vile, filthy and destructive. Unlike the wolves from which they are descended, dogs chase down and kill livestock and wildlife purely for sport. People who have observed dogs killing livestock say they seem to get “high” from hearing the animals cry out in pain as they are ripped limb-from-limb. Wolves and other prey animals in the wild kill only for food or out of fear. God, or nature, would have NEVER allowed a vile, filthy, destructive creature like the dog to evolve.

  14. By far the stupidest thing I’ve read. A dog will defend it’s owner with their life. Walk up to any K-9 military member and try to spew out this garbage and see how fast your teeth get knocked in. Then when you wonder why, he’ll let you know a few stories about brave dogs who gave up their own lives to save theirs. Unlike cats that serve really no purpose, dogs have been used as work dogs for generations. Not only that, on top they’re service pets. Not only that, dogs are being used in science as of now trying to find a new way to detect cancer. Next time you’re lost in the woods, please don’t ask the K-9 unit to go looking for you, after all, dogs are usless right?

  15. The problem with what you’re saying is that anyone can be considered a ‘waste of resources’ from the perspective of someone else.
    For the average dog you are clearly a waste of resources as well. You contribute nothing of any use to them (by your own admission) just as they contribute nothing of any use took you.
    So you are worth no more, or less, than they are. Consequently if they are vermin from your perspective, you are vermin from theirs.

    The world is not all about you.

  16. The irony is that you actually seem to be far more focused on the concept of sexual connetations between owners and dogs than any dog owner I’ve ever met in the real world.
    This is making me wonder what your own relationship with these animals really is??

  17. I agree. Americans have an unnatural obsession with these smelly, hair and dander filled beasts. I live with my sister’s two labs and find them incredibly dumb, annoying and completely useless. It’s like having two newborns in the house that she’d and spread dander like crazy, take up precious space and bark annoyingly. I always make sure they are well fed and have water in their bowls, when it’s up to me, but quite frankly beyond that I think they are useless things. Did I mention the unbelievably insidious nature of the putrid dander and hairs? I think useful dogs, like seeing eye dogs, police dogs, etc. are awesome, but the hyper obsession and humanizing of these things is ridiculous and extreme.

  18. To Artomos: A dog will not “defend its owner” with its life. A study conducted by a TV station in Oklahoma proved that the overwhelming majority of dogs run and hide, either behind their owner, or in another room, if a stranger forces his way into the house. A dog that lives outdoors, where dogs belong, will bark and sometimes attack a stranger who comes into its fenced area, but when it comes to protection, indoor dogs are totally useless. And let’s not forget the woman who was out walking her Rottweiler one night — she was attacked, beaten and sexually assaulted and the big bag Rottie ran away!

    And FYI, a “K-9 military member” is a DOG, so I wouldn’t count on one knocking in someone’s teeth are telling a “few stories” about anything! And if you think a K-9 handler in the military is going to assault someone over a dog and face court-martial, you’ve never been in the military!

    To Neal: A dog is an animal and animals have no “perspective.” If they did, I’m sure cows, pigs, chickens, etc. wouldn’t choose to be food!

    A survey of dog-owners asked if they engaged in any sort of sexual activity with their dogs and more than half said yes. Given that many people would lie about such activity because bestiality is illegal in most states and a lot of countries, this means the overwhelming majority of dog-owners engage in some sort of sexual activity with their filthy fleabags. If you don’t believe the practice is becoming more and more prevalent, read the questions teenagers ask in Yahoo Answers and the teen site Is It Normal? In fact, last year, Yahoo banned several Yahoo Answers members for verbal attacks in their responses to a questioner who asked if a boy could get a female dog pregnant (which confirms some Yahoo moderators are also “getting it on” with their dogs!). There are even websites that teach women how to train their male dogs to have sex with them and we all know what female owners of small dogs allow those “lap dogs” to do!

  19. Artomos: Very few dogs today defend their owners! In fact, most dogs today expect their owners to protect them. Recently, a TV station in Oklahoma decided to put dogs to the test and had a stranger (dressed in protective clothing) enter a home where there were dogs and instead of attacking the stranger, the dogs either ran to another room or hid behind their owner! And what about the woman in Canada who was assaulted while out walking her Rottweiler? The assailant beat and raped the woman and the big, bad Rottie ran away!

    As for the remainder of your insane claims: First, a “K-9 military member” is a DOG, so I seriously doubt one tell “a few stories” about how brave dogs are or anything else! Second, no one serving in the military is going to risk court-martial by knocking someone’s “teeth” or anything else out over a freaking dog! Obviously, you have never served in the military!

    Neal: A dog is an animal. Animals have no “perspective”! If they did, I’m sure all those cows, pigs and chickens down at the slaughter house would propose humans become vegetarians!

    If you don’t believe humans engage in sexual activities with dogs, read the questions and answers on teen websites such as Yahoo Answers and the site called “Is It Normal?”

  20. “Neal: A dog is an animal. Animals have no “perspective”! If they did, I’m sure all those cows, pigs and chickens down at the slaughter house would propose humans become vegetarians!”

    I beg to differ. A perspective is just experiencing your surroundings within the context of your preferences. Given that dogs undoubtedly have preferences and the ability to experience their surroundings then technically that is all that’s required for them to have ‘perspective’.

    Cows, sheep and pigs not proposing we all become vegetarians has I suspect less to do with perspective and more to do with the inability to vocally ‘propose’ anything, sadly! That said they do have the vocal capabilities to make their ‘perspectives’ very clear if we weren’t too arrogant to acknowledge them. The squealing of a pig being roughly manhandled in a slaughterhouse leaves little room for doubt about her ‘perspective’ at such treatment.
    It’s not rocket science.

  21. From my perspective you are far more annoying and far more useless (to me… and my dog), than my dog is, because at least my dog behaves with better manners towards strangers. It’s only arrogance that (falsely) allows you to kid yourself that your perspective has any more justification.

  22. to nealb ar: Of course, I’m “far more useless” to YOU than your freaking dog because I don’t share a bed with you! What you’re doing is illegal in most states and many countries, you pervert!

  23. Lol. So angry!
    I Dont need to sleep with my dogs to value them more than I do you. I value them more because I respect the fact that they value themselves, and they appear to be more deserving of it in their behaviour than you are (as your last post proves) and also i dont arrogantly assume that because a human doesn’t value them they’re not important when viewed objectively.

    If you feel that the only way you can recognise someone else’s value is to sleep with them then you probably should have your ‘frigging’ kids removed from you (if they’re unfortunate enough for you to have any) because by your own definition you must either consider them worthless (because you’re not sleeping with them), or even worse the only way you can value them is to be sleeping with them.
    This is not the case for most normal people, including me.

    Either way you probably need help 🙂

  24. You people are all scum, and many of you are also functionally illiterate. This says quite a lot. I sincerely hope your lives depend on the actions and courage of a dog someday. And on that day, I hope it abandons you to die while you beg and cry and scream.

  25. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    It takes a dog to love a dog

  26. I’m glad I’m not alone. I despise these waste of space pests also. I find it very selfish and rude for someone to bring a dog in their home and have it disturb the neighbours with its constant barking.

    If I had a button that if pressed, would eradicate every small useless dog on this planet, I wouldn’t hesitate a second.

  27. To nealb_ar: Dog owners brag about sleeping with their dogs. A couple years ago when scientists warned people not to sleep with dogs because of all the diseases than can pass to humans, all you owners were up in arms saying nothing would keep you from sleeping with your disease-ridden mutts. One guy even had someone take a photo of him spooning with this huge dog that was bigger than he was and everyone knows he did more with his overgrown mutt than simply share a bed with her. If anyone needs help, it’s you and these other addled dog owners.

    Aeon: You need a reality check and to get a life that doesn’t revolve around your dog’s rear end!

  28. Kai Wen Chen

    Thanks very much for your point of view. I live in an area of the U.S. where it is politically correct to pretend that dogs are better than humans, so anything they do, it’s peoples’ fault. Bad people: everywhere! Bad dogs: impossible! etc. It’s stupid as hell.

    My dog was apparently treated badly by his former owner. Suqs to be me buying him. Although he is the most needy dog I’ve ever seen–that is, he is only happy/seemingly not suicidally depressed, if he is allowed to be inside and you are constantly giving him attention and petting. Anything else, and he is uncomfortable including cleaning up or watching TV. If you put him outside, he mourns his ‘hell’. Yet, he won’t come in if you are standing by the door–even with a bowl of his favorite food. He won’t come when you call. Try to get him to come and he may turn over on his back. Perhaps he’ll even go into his dog-house. What good is a dog that does not come to you happily when they see you? I did not abuse this dog! Ef him.

  29. The people who say that dogs are worthless and a waste of time and money you have no idea what a dog would do for you. They are the most loyal creatures on this planet. If someone tries to shoot you your dog would literally take a bullet for you. I’ve seen this video on YouTube where this person drops their dog on the side of the road and drives off,but you know what the dog did? The dog ran after the car. If the car stopped the dog would, if the car made a turn,so would the dog. The dog stayed with the person even though he/she tried to abandon it. If you you don’t call that loyalty, then what do you call that? And p.s if a dog is biting you its either a mental issue or the owner did something to the dog that turned it into that “monster”.

  30. Dogs are useless miscreants. Only a narcissist can own a dog and call such dependency “love”. They are not loyal. If someone offered them better food, they’d leave their owner in a heartbeat. Some people are so sick that they love their dogs more than their human girlfriends/boyfriends. Dogs are social parasites and inbred wolves. Nothing more.

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