Back to School Bash Kicks Off the Year Right

A great turn out of both students and faculty crowd the front entrance and upper parking lot area for Club Rush. (Photo by Joe Mandak III, courtesy of Student Life’s facebook)

By Joe Mandak III

August 27 kicked off another successful Back to School Bash at the PSNK campus. In years past, there was a lot of interest in the event, but this year was one for the ages.  With the aid of Club Rush, the upper parking lot area was flooded with both students and faculty. While the music was blasting, the food roasting, and students engaging in conversation, this was the place to be.

At orientation, the theme seemed to be clear as crystal: “Get involved!” Those two words laid a foundation of “come on in, the water’s fine.”  Representatives from SGA, Lion Ambassadors, Athletes, CAB, THON and other organizations got through to the incoming freshman, who took a nose dive right into the springs of involvement.

Lion Ambassadors, who had five full time members, added Sophomore Kerri Marshall to their team at the beginning of the year. But the additions did not stop there. Lion Ambassadors are now in the process of interviewing and training at least a half dozen more students to join their organization.

“Club Rush was very promising for Lion Ambassadors,” said Senior Business major Katie Shoemaker.  “Not only did we hand out a number of applications, we had the chance to talk to many students about the benefits and purpose of the organization.”

Over 120 students signed up for THON, taking the initiative to get involved in the largest student organization in the world. Kelly Sieja, newly elected THON Chair, said the booth was a huge success.

“My hopes for the students this year are that they will feel a part of a THON family”, Sieja said, “and find out how important this cause is to our University, our campus, and for the kids.”

Sieja along with the THON executive board are determined to go over and above last year’s total.  THON canning kicks off in October, with the first events taking place from Oct. 22-24.  Look for more information around campus.

Overall, Back to School Bash and Club Rush were a huge success for the campus. The involvement on campus has grown more and more every year. This is what the college life is, and should be about. Each student is getting a solid, Penn State education along with the college experience that will produce memories and friendships that will, indeed, last a lifetime. Look forward to more events going on around the campus in the near future.


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