Traveling Across the World

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By Kristen Wagner

Being the avid trekker that I am, I love learning about different countries and the best places to visit. I am passionate about traveling and seeing what this world has to offer. I adore discovering new cultures and experiencing the fantastic traditions and customs of people around the world. So, I thought, why not share a bit of information about my experiences and research with all of you?

As of right now, my being a whole 20 years old, I’ve been to Canada, Germany, Mexico, Australia, and currently have a trip planned for southern Ireland at the beginning of next month. Am I excited? Absolutely.

According to, Ireland is among the top 15 most popular country destinations for 2010. I will be staying in Cork, which is in Southwest Ireland. It is known for beautiful seascapes and stunning scenic terrain. I can’t wait to enjoy visiting the pubs and listening to the lovely Irish folk music.

Among the most popular countries to visit, dubs Italy number one among them all. Italy is known for the romantic culture and historical artistic heritage, not to mention the fine dining and delicious wines. It’s also a good tourist destination because the crime rates are low, and the people are welcoming.

On the other hand, travelers have not forgotten to mention their opinions on the top ten worst countries to visit. According to, some of the top ten worse countries to visit include Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Thailand. Reasoning includes that some of these countries are falling under the sway of extremists, and that danger is far and wide across these countries- at least for the time being.

According to, the U.K. is the highest-ranked overseas destination for Americans, and it has been so for years. The reason? Americans feel at home there. We share a similar language and culture. In contrast, people are getting more adventurous and visiting places in the U.K. such as Scotland and the southwest and north of England. We’re pushing our limits a little bit farther, anyways.

The farthest country that I have visited was Australia, and I would recommend it to everyone. Obviously, you’d have to be willing to make the 20-something hour flight there and back, but believe me- it is beyond worth it. The people there are welcoming and loving. The crime rate is extremely low. The land is beautiful. It is vast and free, and spectacular. One day, I will return there again. Mark my words.

I suppose that terminology may not ever be able to explain how interesting and remarkable all of these faraway lands are. But I do believe that if you are able, you should experience the many wonders of the world and expose yourself to the different civilizations available to us. After all, we are alive here on this planet right now, so why not experience all of the many little fantastic things that can take our breath away?


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