A Day to be Filled with Monkey Business: April 1

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By Kristen Wagner

April Fool’s Day. It’s the day for jokes and pranks, high jinks and tomfoolery. Some of us look forward to it, and some of us dread it. It causes giggles and it causes pain. It causes dismay, it causes fright. It’s the one day that we can get away with dumping a bucket of water on someone’s head or putting cat litter in someone’s shoes. If you’re the prankster type, this day is a lot of fun, and you can receive a lot of enjoyment out of it. If you’re the laid back type that doesn’t bother with it, you may be the one getting tricked, and you may be ready to pull out your water gun and get some revenge. All of us may pull the little jokes from time to time, such as a “pull my finger” joke, or stealing someone’s clothes from the bathroom when they’re in the shower. There are thousands of good pranks out there, but why did this become a holiday, and what are some of the funniest pranks that you’ve heard or done to someone?

According to http://www.april-fools.us, there is no certain history of April Fool’s Day. Currently, it is thought that the day initially started in France around the year 1582. The calendar was reformed under Charles IX into the Gregorian calendar, and the week of New Years was moved from March 25-April 1 until January 1. These changes weren’t spread very quickly because communication was slow in those days, so some people did not know of these changes until years later. According to this story, some other people were rebellious and decided not to acknowledge the change at all. They were labeled as “fools” and had several different practical jokes played on them. The tradition spread over time, and it’s led us to what we now know as a barrage of April Fools jokes and pranks that we hear of today.

According to aprilfoolzone.com, some rather simple, but funny April Fool’s jokes can be done within a matter of seconds. So if you’ve almost forgotten about the beloved day or aren’t in the mood for something big, just sprinkle a little bit of salt on someone’s toothbrush, or surprise a friend with a rude awakening while they’re asleep by spraying some shaving cream on their hand and then tickling their nose so that they wipe it across their face. Another idea that seems very hilarious would be to go through someone’s underwear drawer and then sew the legs of all of their underwear closed. They’ll sure be in for a surprise with that one.

In my experience, I’ve seen cups of water balanced on the top of doorways so that they’ll drop on the unlucky person that opens the door next. I’ve witnessed cars being moved so that people think they’re stolen, and I’ve seen chickens placed in lockers in high school, as well as goats being let loose in courtyards. These pranks may seem a bit excessive, but they sure did make everyone laugh. I do believe the students were caught and punished though, so you may not want to do something that may potentially get you expelled from school or anything along those lines.

According to associatedcontent.com, there are some interesting April Fool’s Day pranks that involve the toilet. If you smear the seat with petroleum jelly, the person using the toilet will not be able to see it, and they will only feel it once they sit down. Another method would be to put ‘Icy Hot’ on the toilet seat, and after a while someone’s going to have a numb bum.

It seems to me that from year to year, the pranksters are getting more creative, and the pranks are getting more inventive. Many of us enjoy the practical jokes that we encounter, and most of us enjoy at least hearing about the destruction that some people tend to cause on the day full of trickery. Hopefully this year we’ll stumble upon some good pranks that we’ve heard of, and hopefully no one gets us too good.


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