Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours Looking for Large Number of Employees

Jumping at Jump Rock. Favorite stop on the river. It's better to sacrifice your body willingly now, then later. (Photo by Steve Barber)

By Kayla Smail

Whitewater rafting outfitter, Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours, will be hiring a larger number of employees this season. 

Ohiopyle is located on the Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle, PA and due to constant expansion, they are looking for more employees than usual. According to their website, ohiopyletradingpost.com, Ohiopyle currently offers biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting and even a mixture of a few to all customers.

However, without the large number of employees they are looking for, Ohiopyle Trading Post will be unable to function easily this coming season.

The positions that Ohiopyle is trying to fill range from River Staff to Clerical Staff, with Bicycle Fleet Supervisor and Retail Staff in between. However, some positions do intertwine, so it is important that all employees are able to handle multiple tasks with no problem. They find it is important to cycle in new employees each year and to increase the number due to the constant growth of the company.

“We are looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, and multifaceted people,” says Jeremy Kierski, Assistant Manager at Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours.

Guiding is a great workout. (Photo by Steve Barber)

No experience is necessary to apply for a few of the positions Ohiopyle is currently offering. River Staff Training, which is mandatory, will be held each weekend in April, except Easter Sunday, and a few weekends in May. All required certifications (First Aid and CPR) will be provided during these training sessions. The only real requirement is that potential employees possess basic “people” skills.

“A single employee may handle hundreds of guests on any Saturday and each one is treated with the same respect and enthusiasm. We work long days by a beautiful river, so a love of the outdoors is a must,” Kierski says.

Kierski encourages all potential employees to, “Come join the Trading Post team and spend your summer outdoors working with an excellent staff.”

To apply, please visit http://www.ohiopyletradingpost.com/geninfo.htm#whattobring and email or mail the completed application and a list of references to Jeremy Kierski at admin@ohiopyletradingpost.com or P.O. Box 94, 4 Negley St. Ohiopyle, PA 15470.

This rapid is called bottle of wine. It's the guides job to hit it straight for maximum refreshment. (Photo by Steve Barber)


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