Movie Review: “Cop Out”

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By Kayla Smail

“Cop Out,” directed by Kevin Smith, hit movie screens on Feb. 26, and according to, the film earned about $18 million during opening weekend.  The film ended up coming in second to “Shutter Island,” which earned a whopping $22 million.

Jimmy Monroe (played by Bruce Willis) and Paul Hodges (played by Tracy Morgan) are a pair of NYPD police officers that have been partners for many years. Throughout the film, the partners chase down the bad guys, but seem to also have their own agenda. The two are constantly bothering each other with personal problems: Monroe tries to find a baseball card that was stolen from him, while Hodges battles with the thought that his wife is cheating with the next-door neighbor.

At first, it’s difficult to believe that this is a Kevin Smith movie, but that could be because it wasn’t written by him. “Cop Out” was written by Cullen brothers Mark and Robb, which explains the lack of intellectual, witty comedy that Smith fans are used to. It also didn’t have the usual characters that can be found in almost any Kevin Smith movie. However, it still kept me and the rest of the theater laughing throughout the showing.

According to, “Cop Out” does have its amusing moments, but it seems to get “mighty tired without any real break in the nonaction.” I do have to agree that it kind of falls short when compared to other cop action movies, but it does make you laugh.

A lot of the film’s humor is that Monroe and Hodges seem to be complete opposites, but they complement each other.  However, the funniest parts of the “Cop Out” came from Seann William Scott’s character, Dave.  His witty comebacks and insane behavior just kept me smiling the whole time, and I looked forward to when his character would reappear. even claims that “You should see it just for his role.”

Another character that I thoroughly enjoyed was Officer Barry Mangold, played by Adam Brody.  Brody really stepped out of his usual ‘nerdy teenager’ role, and came into a new and improved ‘nerdy adult’ role. There was even a part in the movie where he actually came into the serious police officer position, and it was still believable. Even though he had only a small part in this movie, I think he added to it tremendously.

All in all, I think that if you’re looking for an action movie that still has the potential to make you laugh and think, ‘Hey, that was a good movie,” then “Cop Out” is for you. I walked out of the theater with a smile on my face, and I think that you might, too.

 According to a review on, the movie was originally known as “A Couple of Dicks,” but was later renamed as a pun, which refers to the name change.


One response to “Movie Review: “Cop Out”

  1. Overall a disappointing romp filled with vulgar humor, bad language, and cheesy plot points, this movie is not worth your time. I was terribly disappointed that Kevin Smith would actually go this low, but hey, not everything is always going to be good. Nice review, check out mine when you can!

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