Game Review: NHL 2K10 (Wii) A Winner


Photo by Kayla Smail

By Kayla Smail

Fear not, hockey-loving Wii gamers…NHL 2K10 is here! The 2K Sports game has been out since September, but is still hard to find in any gaming store. But if you love hockey enough and you’re looking for something fun you can play alone or with friends, I highly suggest buying NHL 2K10 online if you can’t find it in the store.

 At first, I wasn’t too impressed with NHL 2K10 for the Wii, simply because the Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin is on the front of the game, but I had to overlook that. I understand that since he was the MVP of the NHL last year, he deserved to be on the front, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I got over this quickly when I turned on the game and it automatically defaults to you playing as the Pittsburgh Penguins. What else could I possibly need?

Because of the Wii remotes, while playing NHL 2K10, you feel more like you are actually playing hockey. You have to move them just right to be able to shoot and score and you control where the puck is being passed by the flick of your wrist. Instead of pressing a million buttons and having to remember all sorts of plays, you can do exactly what you want in a quick and easy way. Also, the game is compatible with all sorts of Wii controllers and has the controls included for each.

 I will admit that when I first opened the enclosed booklet to read about the controls, I was a little overwhelmed. However, when I actually started playing, I realized that all the controls just seemed normal and were very easy to remember. It’s possible to teach someone how to play the basic controls and start a game in about five minutes. Once those basic controls become easy, a more advanced player can begin learning the other controls and can do more things.

Though some web reviews, such as, say that the graphics aren’t perfect, I think they still make the game seem pretty real. I’ve seen some terrible graphics before and I’d have to say that NHL 2K10 is pretty good for the first Wii hockey game. Everything seems to keep up, and I have to say that the menus are pretty amazing. I had a hard time at first trying to figure out how they worked, but once I got a hang of the controller, it was a piece of cake.

 Some of the fun things about NHL 2K10 are the different things that you can do with the game. It is possible to play just a quick game against a computer, or you can play with up to three friends. You can also start playing a season and take your team the whole way to the Stanley Cup Finals. And as far as the teams and players go, it is possible to make your own. When you start a season, you have the option to go through a draft and pick your entire team.

 Another great thing that I personally adore is the fact that you can drive the zamboni between periods! The zambonis are the best part of the intermissions and instead of just watching them drive around, you can actually race the other player to clear 45% of the ice first. You can also play mini games in all sorts of arenas, including small outside arenas, just like the Winter Classic!

 All in all, I really enjoyed playing NHL 2K10 on my Wii and I highly recommend any hockey or Wii enthusiast to purchase it immediately. It is difficult to find in stores, but can easily be found on or


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