Students Gather and Provide Ideas at Latest SGA Meeting

By Joe Mandak III

UPPER BURRELL, Pa – President of the Student Government Association Ben Smith held a public meeting on campus in the Art Gallery to discuss upcoming events for Penn State New Kensington. The senior business major spoke about how the tuition rates are likely to rise and that students should take part in the Penn State Grassroots Networks.
The Grassroots Networks is an education group that is looking to help keep tuition rates down. Smith put an emphasis on this subject and encouraged students to take some time to check it out. This is a great way to get involved in a cause to try and save students money for college.
He mentioned that anyone is able to attend these meetings and enjoy free pizza and drinks. All club leaders and presidents are present during this meeting and also discuss what is going on through the clubs. Each SGA officer also has a time slot to give the clubs a heads up about what events are coming up.
One of the upcoming events includes a pool tournament being headed up by Nick Sibula. There will be a singles bracket and a team bracket. Students can sign up in the SGA office located in the Café 780. The tournament is $5 to enter and the winners will receive $50 for the bookstore. Students can sign up as a single player or sign up with a partner and compete in a team tournament.
“The purposes of these meetings are to help students learn about what’s happening on campus,” said Ben Smith.
The SGA is always looking for new ideas as well. They want nothing more than to see students enjoy the college life and meet new people along the way.
After each officer was finished addressing the club leaders, it was time to celebrate.
“THON is an amazing experience!” said Junior Deanna Mazur. Mazur is the THON Chair and was present at the meeting in order to celebrate 100 days until THON. THON is a time when Penn State students get donations by canning in order to raise money for kids with cancer. Their motto is “For the Kids.”
After explaining a little bit about how THON also raises money, which includes a letter writing campaign and a recycling drive, she dimmed the lights and showed a few videos. There was a calm silence as the videos were shown and tears were shed.
Sam Miller, a sophomore civil engineering major has been a part of THON since his freshman year. Along with other students, they helped raise over $5,000 the first weekend of canning which took place October 23 through the 25.
“Everyone does their part [for canning],” Miller said. “You can’t explain the feeling you get by experiencing THON.”
Miller also plans on taking part in the upcoming pool tournament.
“You can’t get on the pool table during the day,” Miller stated. “There is always a team that calls the next game.”
The pool table was an investment made by Vice President Jon Skaggs after the previous pool table was removed from the café. Now there are lines just waiting to get a chance to play.

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