Nittany Pride to Release First Print Publication of the School Year

NP coverpage

Cover Page of the October issue of the Nittany Pride (Photo by Erika Watson)

By Erika Watson

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – The Nittany Pride will release its first print edition of the school year on Oct. 30, marking the end of a year-long hiatus in printing.
The October 2009 edition of the Nittany Pride will be the first time a print version of the paper has been published since the spring of 2008.  Beginning this semester, the Nittany Pride will be published in a monthly news magazine format instead of the traditional style of a newspaper.   The student editors expect that the new format will generate more interest in the paper and open it up for more diverse content.
“We don’t want to turn away stories simply because they aren’t what you’d find in an average newspaper,” said Kayla Smail, the Nittany Pride’s Online Editor.
The October edition of the paper features a Halloween theme, since its release date is one day before the holiday.
“We chose this theme because it would be a unique and stylish contribution to our paper and make it more enjoyable to look at,” said Kristen Wagner, the Managing Editor for the Nittany Pride.  “Overall, we thought it would just make it a lot of fun and add a nice touch to it.”
All students interested in submitting material to the Nittany Pride for publication are encouraged to do so.
“It’s a great learning experience and a great way to get involved with other students on campus,” said Samantha Carricato, the Nittany Pride’s News Editor.
The editors are always looking for content to publish and are open to new ideas.
“The Nittany Pride is an easy way for students to get their ideas and thoughts out there,” said Smail.  “It’s a chance to write about what they are interested in and maybe educate their peers on the things they think are important.  In reality, nothing that a student thinks is interesting will be a bad idea!”
To contribute or ask questions, please email the Nittany Pride editors at

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