PSNK Kinesiology Teacher Makes Advancements

PSNK Kinesiology teacher Pepsi Hutton shows student correct back alignment

PSNK Kinesiology teacher Pepsi Hutton shows student correct back alignment (Photo by Bill Woodard)

By Clark Cribbs

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – The Kinesiology teacher at the Penn State New Kensington Campus has been working hard to improve the available fitness programs.

Pepsi Hutton, PSNK’s Kinesiology teacher, started her teaching at PSNK in the fall of 2008. Hutton was the associate director of programs for three years at Cleveland State University. As the associate director, her job was to overlook all of the intramural, fitness, aquatics, marketing and special events programs.

Around the Penn State New Kensington campus, students have wanted to exercise to improve themselves. “The fitness center is open daily for them to use to come in and get their workout in,” said Hutton.  The fitness center is available the majority of the day for students to use. It opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.

For the students who do not know how to use the equipment or know what program is right for them, Hutton is available to show how to use and also make a program that is specifically made for them. There are also free aerobic classes during common hour on Monday and Wednesday.

There are intramural sports that the students can join as well. Some of those sports include 3-on-3 basketball, flag football, volleyball and dodgeball. Hutton also mentioned that there is a fitness trail behind the fitness center.

Penn State New Kensington is holding the annual Turkey Trot at the Campus in November. This will be Hutton’s first year in charge of the event and it is also the 30th anniversary for the event itself. She was involved in the event last year, but her role at the time was to help set up the event with collaboration from health services. She is excited about her role this year because she is going to take a different approach to it.

In past years, the Turkey Trot was mostly for students and faculty. With Hutton in charge this year, she is reaching out to the community as well. She also changed the distance in the event. “I am switching it over from a two mile fun race to a 5k,” Hutton stated.

According to Hutton, the Turkey Trot was a success last year. A lot of people showed up and had a good time. The staff that worked along side Hutton had positive energy and made the event enjoyable.


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