Tomanetti’s Serves Oakmont for Over 50 Years

By Craig McNair

OAKMONT, Pa. – Tomanetti’s Food Products has been serving the community of Oakmont and western Pennsylvania for over 50 years, with a small retail pizza and sandwich shop and an industrial bakery that distributes specialty pizza shells. 

Citizens of Oakmont regard Tomanetti’s as a landmark in their community.  Many members of the community have grown up eating Tomanetti’s pizza their whole lives and consider it to be the best.  

Tomanetti’s Sales Manager Chris Presutti has worked for the company for over 25 years and has seen the business change throughout the years.  Presutti has also performed every job at the business, from pizza shop and bakery worker, to sales and management.  The pizza shop has made many changes throughout the last 50 years in order to remain competitive in a difficult market.

“We’ve had to adapt and change like most businesses.” Presutti said.  “We went from a small family owned company where everybody wore a bunch of different hats, and everybody did what needed to be done to make the company run, into now having people responsible for certain things so that things are done correctly.”

The company has seen changes throughout the years such as stricter food codes and laws, and the expansion of business geographically in order to keep up with the times. 

“The industry has changed.”  Presutti said.  “Their are more local, state and federal guidelines that we have to follow and adhere to.  We had to expand and grow geographically in order for the business to grow.  It’s changed a lot.”

When asked about what makes the pizza shop so important to the community, Presutti replied, “In Oakmont, we have the retail store that has been here for 50 years and is a landmark because a lot of people have grown up eating our pizza.”

Tomanetti’s is also important to the community through its long-time employment of local Oakmont citizens. 

“We employ about 35 people from the local community,” Presutti said.  “We have the younger parts of the community from the ages of 16 to 24 years old in the pizza shop and we also have full-time employees with benefits and vacation time that work for our manufacturing plant.”

When asked why he thought Tomanetti’s had been able to last for over 50 years Presutti said, “Consistency of product and customer service.  Once you find something that works you cannot waiver from your quality.  Consistency and quality of product has been the cornerstone of our company.”

Karen Vidra has been the pizza shop Manager at Tomanetti’s for over 25 years.  Vidra makes pizzas, sandwiches, pizza cheese mix and slices fresh vegetables for use in the retail shop. 

The success of the pizza shop is due to its unchanged quality and unsurpassed cleanliness that puts it above other local pizza shops. 

When asked if the pizza shop has changed throughout the years, Vidra said, “Not too much.  We upgraded things but we still use the same product, and not too much is different.  Our customers have been coming in for as long as I’ve been here and some have been coming for even longer.”

Bill Vidra has worked for Tomanetti’s for over 24 years and is a Manager in the bakery that manufactures and distributes specialty-baked crusts for western Pennsylvania. 

When asked about what has made Tomanetti’s so successful in the distribution market of specialty crusts, Bill Vidra said, “We are one of only three companies in the Pennsylvania and Ohio area that make par baked shells.  Out of the three companies, we definitely have the best tasting shell.  We are the only manufacturer that actually presses dough onto a pan, and that’s why our taste is so much better: because the taste is actually baked into the pans from years and years of use.” 

Many people living in Oakmont would agree that Tomanetti’s Food Products has become a landmark within the community.

“I think it’s become a staple of Oakmont because of both the food and the family atmosphere.”  Tomanetti’s customer Alexa Yamnitzky said.  “People just feel welcome there.”


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