Sprindale Dynamos confident this season

By Kelly Girdano

SPRINGDALE, Pa. – Starting quarterback of the Springdale Dynamos is more experienced and confident that the Dynamos will make it to the playoffs this season.

Brian Shemenski, 16, a resident of Cheswick, is a junior at Springdale Jr-Sr High School. Shemenski is in his second year as starting quarterback for the school’s football team.

He has been playing football for eight years, having started because of the influence of his family.

“My parents got me into it the first year of youth football and I just kept playing since then,” Shemenski said.

Due to the success of the Springdale Dynamos in recent years, fans of the team have been known to travel well, covering the stands with the school colors of black and orange. The increasingly large fan base has been nicknamed “Dyna-mob.” Shemenski feels that the fan loyalty is good because the team gets as many fans at away games as they do at home games.

When Shemenski was first named the starting quarterback last season, he felt the pressure immediately.

“Yeah I did. We’ve had such good quarterbacks come through that I felt like I had to step it up a little bit to be just as good as they were,” Shemenski stated.

According to a Aug. 24 report in the Valley News Dispatch, Shemenski ended up going 9-1 in his ten starts last season, with 222 yards passing and three touchdowns, and has gained some helpful experience for this current season.

Matt Noll is the offensive coordinator for the Springdale Dynamos who is notorious for being very vocal with his quarterbacks. Shemenski still credits Noll for his development as a winning quarterback.

When it came to his offensive coordinator, Shemenski said that “keeping my cool” is something he learned to do. “We got into it a little bit last season so I learned to calm it down when I’m getting yelled at,” he added.

Shemenski spent a lot of time this summer preparing for this current season so he could grow and mature as a player.

“I was in the weight room a lot more than last year to get ready for this season,” he stated.

Now that this season is under way with one game remaining in the regular season, Shemenski feels that he has done “pretty well.” According to a Oct. 11 report in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Shemenski has rushed for 267 yards with three rushing touch downs, and has passed for 225 yards with six passing touchdowns in this season.

The final game happens to be against their rival, Riverview Raiders. Shemenski expects that they will not do anything special to prepare for this game.

“We’ll just keep the same routine going in this game that we do every other game,” Shemenski said.

Because the Springdale Dynamos have made it to the playoffs every season since 2003, Shemenski feels there is a lot of pressure for their team to make it again this year.

“It definitely puts a lot of pressure on,” he said. “We came in being the favorite and people were definitely looking at us to make it this year. I think we can make it this year.”


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